Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Where did they come from?

I finally hit the dreaded roadblock in my summer project last night.

Part 2 of my Mariners cards. Better known as the "Ichiro" binder.

As of this afternoon, my Ichiro collection stands at a staggering 429 cards. (Including my two jersey cards of his, which are stored in a different binder.)

Engaging in this "project" has allowed me to really analyze my collection in a way I've never been able to before.

For instance, I'd never realized just how awesome this particular Ichiro card is. Not only that, but it's a short-print as well. And yes, it was a dime box find.

Which instantly makes this card about a hundred times cooler.

But that wasn't the biggest realization of the night.

Sometimes, after I get done looking through a binder or putting some new cards away, I'll jokingly say, "Where did all these cards come from, anyways?"

But after pulling and sorting about half of my Ichiro collection yesterday, I asked myself the same question. Only for real this time. I didn't really have an answer, but I did make a fairly obvious observation.

I have a lot of cards.

Sometimes, I think we might forget just how big our collections are. As it stands right now, I have 51 binders for all my "keeper" base and inserts, and then one additional binder for my Hoyt Wilhelm collection and any other game-used or autograph cards I have.

That's not even counting my two doubles boxes (with all my extra 1998-present cards) and the thousands upon thousands of overproduction era cards I have scattered amongst my room. Under the bed, in the closet, in random boxes.


Heck, I've probably scanned a couple thousand cards for this blog already, and that's just a fraction of the entire thing.

My collection moves at a rapid pace. I'm constantly getting new cards in and mailing others out to fellow traders.

With all that, it's tough to step back and take a good luck at just how gigantic one's collection has become. I remember when I had around twenty Ichiro cards.

Now, I'm up to over twenty times that amount.

My collection has definitely come a long ways over the years. I've probably added thousands of new cards for every year I've collected.

But don't even get me thinking about how much money I've spent.


Zayden said...

That is truly awesome. You must be in heaven every time you wake up. My favorite part about the hobby is going through your collection and organizing it time and time again. Your blog that I read daily has taught me so much because at the core I am almost the exact same type of collector that you are. I'm 26 and my collection would look like a sick zebra compare to yours, but I only collected a few years in the 90's as a kid and then re discovered the passion a couple years ago. I am a budget man and primarily a player collector then I have my Mets collection. I've wanted to comment to almost every single post you've done but I read it at night before I go to bed on my smartphone and I find writing on it to be a pain in the butt. lol. Keep up the great posts. This blog blows em all out of the water. You are a true collector and hobbyist and I've found none truer.

Nick said...

Thanks so much for the kind comments, Chase! It really means a lot to know that you're enjoying the blog as much as you are.

I'm sure your collection is great now, and it will only get even better over time. This is my sixth year since I re-entered the baseball card industry, and I've loved it more and more with each coming year of cards.

JediJeff said...

And to think - you spent most of that money one tiny silver FDR at a time.