Tuesday, May 12, 2020

The (Second) Dime Box Frankenset Bracket: The Championship

And then there were two.

#6 (Page 6) -- 1999 Fleer SI Greats of the Game #52 Joe Rudi (24 votes)


#3 (Page 13) -- 1989 Upper Deck #117 Gary Pettis (16 votes)

#7 (Page 31) -- 1973 Topps #273 Chris Speier (23 votes)


#11 (Page 47) -- 1993 Upper Deck #415 Denny Neagle (18 votes)

Not much drama in the Final Four.

Rudi, the fan favorite, once again crushed the competition, and Speier didn't face much of a challenge from Denny Neagle, easily sliding into the championship. Both of these cards have (rightfully) been clear stalwarts since the beginning of this tournament, so I wasn't much surprised by the results.

And so they become the last men standing in the frankenset bracket.


We've come a long ways in this thing, narrowing the 74 total page winners down to the two best, but, as they say, all great things must come to an end.

So here it is, the championship, for all the marbles: Rudi vs. Speier.

The Championship

#6 (Page 6) -- 1999 Fleer SI Greats of the Game #52 Joe Rudi


#7 (Page 31) -- 1973 Topps #273 Chris Speier

I'm both thrilled and saddened to say it, but: the final poll is now on the sidebar.

Happy voting!


Mike said...

I literally flipped a coin!

Mike said...

Awesome final matchup. I think that I have voted for both of the finalists in each of their matches along the way and, while reading the post, actually changed my mind as to which one would get receive this vote. This has been a lot of fun to track along the way!

sg488 said...

I love both of these cards so much ,and living in Norcal the last 48 years ,I could not choose one over the other,so I will abstain.

P-town Tom said...

I can't believe we're at the end (again). Please, tell me you have a third binder!

P-town Tom said...

Holy Cow, I just voted and it's deadlocked at 12 votes apiece! What a championship bout!

Fuji said...

Rudi... Rudi... Rudi! I've gotta vote for Spiderman. That photo is fantastic. But if it doesn't win, at least it lost to another awesome card. Great action... but the highlight for me is seeing Candlestick in the background.

Matt said...

I have a gut feeling this one is going to end up a tie.

GTT said...

Close one. I voted for Speier.

Chris said...

This one could come down to the wire. That said, I voted for Speier.

gregory said...

Just cast my vote, and I look forward to seeing the champ. This was a whole lot of fun. Thanks for all the work you put into the tournament!