Tuesday, October 15, 2019

The (Second) Dime Box Frankenset, Page 31: Numbers 271-279

Frankenset Page #23 WINNER -- 1960 Topps #204 Ryne Duren (12 votes)

In rare (but glorious) cases, I think about the objects associated with a certain player more than the player himself -- Wally Moon's unibrow, Ted Kluszewski's sleeveless jersey tops, or, as we saw last week, Ryne Duren's Coke-bottle shades.

Without those memorable specs, this would just be another ordinary baseball card, and nothing that would come close to sniffing my frankenset. But the shades make it a classic, and as it turns out, a frankenset champion. Duren won last week's page, collecting 12 of the 39 total votes and edging out Rick Cerone (9 votes) and Kevin Maas (8 votes) for the crown.

It's the oldest card I've had the privilege of welcoming into my Second Gallery of Frankenset Champions.

Slots 1-275 of my second frankenset are filled, but the Random Number Generator decided to pick the page with the earliest gap in my binder -- Page 31 (#s 271-279) is up for grabs this week, and apologies for that ghastly empty pocket.

I have yet to find a worthy candidate for the #276 spot, so this week's voting will (sadly) be a field of eight -- let's meet the nominees.

1992 Upper Deck Minors #271 Eduardo Perez

Multiple exposure treatment is usually reserved for big names and superstars...not mere minor leaguers!

2014 Topps #272 Carlos Villanueva

Here for the handlebar mustache. 

1973 Topps #273 Chris Speier

Play at the plate perfection. 

2017 Stadium Club #274 Ian Desmond

The more I see this card, the more I think of the Looney Tunes That's all folks! ending. 

1992 Upper Deck #275 Mike Greenwell

Shadoobie, shattered. 

1995 Topps #277 Chris Gomez

Infinite action in a single image. 

1990 Topps #278 Pascual Perez

Long live the Jerry Curl! 

2019 Stadium Club #279 Rougned Odor

Dig the angle on this double dip.

That's it for this week's page. The polls are now on the sidebar.

Happy voting!


Adam Kaningher said...

Lots of good candidates this week!

P-town Tom said...

Wow, that is PATP perfection!
But, that Odor with the ball in the certain is such a unique shot!
Tough decision!

Mike said...

Speier is 1973 Topps writ large!!

Bo said...

Perez photo was taken by well-known photographer Brad Mangin (i interviewed Mangin for my blog). Oh and it's Jheri Curl. No pitcher was more fun to watch than Pascual Perez!

gregory said...

Tough call between the vintage Chris Speier and the modern Rougned Odor. But I'm choosing Speier, because you've got a lot of players watching in the background, including the entire Phillies bullpen.

Fuji said...

90's UD multiple exposure cards are cool... but vintage play at the plate cards are cooler. Speier got my vote.

Tim said...

The last few weeks I have been voting for cards that are in my own personal frankenset. But this week I had to go with the Roughned Odor.