Saturday, April 14, 2018

Top Five: Carlton Fisk

Over the years, I've looked for reasons why I should collect something rather than reasons not to, and I suppose this has either be a peril or a joy depending on how you look at it.

Many of my collections have been triggered by an article I read or a story I heard. Sometimes it's not even that much. Maybe a year or so ago, I was looking through the handful of Carlton Fisk cards I owned. I didn't have many because he wasn't a guy I ever felt much of a connection with. But that day, for whatever reason, I thought to myself: this guy's a legend, a hometown favorite...why am I NOT collecting this guy?

I couldn't come up with a good answer, and so a collection was born -- a collection which now houses well over 100 cards, the Top Five of which I've selected for today's post.

#5 -- 1982 Topps #111 Carlton Fisk IA

One of the greatest cards of the '80s -- and now that I think of it, probably the only non-league-leader horizontal of the decade (why am I just now realizing this?!).

#4 -- 1974 Topps #105 Carlton Fisk

It's been a joy to collect Carlton Fisk because the guy has some just plain fine cards out there.

So many, in fact, that otherwise memorable ones tend to get overshadowed -- this '74 Topps is a gem I don't see mentioned too often in the Legendary Vintage discussion.

#3 -- 2007 UD Masterpieces #5 Carlton Fisk

I own many, many cards featuring Fisk's dramatic game-winning homer in the 1975 World Series, but none do it better than this one from UD Masterpieces (one of the few epically-named sets to live up to its moniker).

#2 -- 1977 Topps #640 Carlton Fisk

Few cards sum up a single rivalry better than this one, perhaps the most famous image from '77 Topps.

#1 -- 1991 Topps #170 Carlton Fisk



Mark Hoyle said...

Fisk had some great cards. Nice choices

John Sharp said...

I wonder, as a Tigers fan, if Fielder scored on the play.

Good job.

Johnnys Trading Spot said...

I just commented on Matt (Once a Cub) blog about a card that the guy reminded me of Wood Harrelson, but that 77 Fisk, certainly favors him too.

Fuji said...

I completely understand you starting up a collection of Fisk. I read an article in Baseball Digest... a single article... and went on a mission to start collection Al Kaline that ended up with me buying 15 different autographs. Eventually I realized I was obsessed and had neglected other PC's, so I stopped.

Hackenbush said...

Maybe because I'm a dyed in the wool North Sider but I still think of Fisk as a Boston guy. Great cards.

Collecting Cutch said...

Those are some great choices for Fisk cardboard.

Rob said...

Was hoping '91 would win the day!

acrackedbat said...

these cards are prime examples why i collect catchers, and why Fisk is a favorite. excellent selections!