Sunday, August 24, 2014

The dime box frankenset, Page 26: Numbers 226-234

Last week's frankenset voting was the nail-biter I'd been waiting for.

Win -- 1994 Upper Deck Minors #217 Oscar Munoz (5 votes)

Place (tie) -- 1994 Stadium Club #218 Kirt Manwaring, 2013 Sega Card-Gen #225 David DeJesus (4 votes each)

Show (tie) -- 1994 Collector's Choice #219 Jose Offerman, 1994 Collector's Choice #221 Greg Olson, 2014 Topps #224 Michael Saunders (3 votes each)

We had a few less votes than usual, but that sure didn't stop things from getting exciting. I myself voted for the violent Jose Offerman "double dip", but six of the nine cards received at least three of the 23 total tallies.

A late Saturday vote gave Oscar Munoz (and that unfortunate catcher) the slim victory.

After such an intense week of voting, I can't wait to reveal the next nine nominees.

Let's try and get those vote numbers back to where they were a couple weeks ago.

A little click on the sidebar is all I ask. Your tallies make a difference!

Sorry if I sounded a little like a politician there.

Let's hope this week's polls go right down to the wire as well.

2014 Topps #226 Sean Doolittle

It's hard for me to root against the Angels, but I'm hoping the A's once again Own The West in 2014. 

1995 Topps #227 Wayne Kirby

Topps' attempt at the multiple-exposure fad.

1993 Stadium Club #228 Rick Wilkins

You won't see collisions like this one in baseball anymore. 

2009 Upper Deck #229 Michael Cuddyer

Mr. Cuddyer handing an autographed copy of what looks to be his 2004 Topps card to a lucky fan. 

1994 Collector's Choice #230 Tony Phillips

Double dip!

2014 Topps #231 J.R. Murphy

The second "play at the plate" of this page, and a much less painful one at that. 

1992 Stadium Club #232 Andy Van Slyke

Slide, Van Slyke, slide! 

1993 Stadium Club #233 Jose Rijo

The rare pitcher at the plate/backwards hat combo. 

1995 Collector's Choice Special Edition #234 Alex Fernandez

I told that guy not to take pictures of me!

The only "say the magic word" card I own that features arguments on the front and back.

You know the drill by now. The polls are on the sidebar.

Happy voting!


Matthew Scott said...

Love the Van Slyke!

Anonymous said...

That Van Slyke card is awesome! I just added it to my wantlist, and I wonder if the "Tim Wallach blog guy" counts that as part of his collection (he should).