Sunday, August 3, 2014

The dime box frankenset, Page 23: Numbers 199-207 (With new format!)

After a bit of a hiatus, I'm happy to report that the frankenset is back.

From this point forward, however, we're going to tweak the format a bit.

For those who might be new to this blog, my "Dime Box Frankenset" is a collection of cool or interesting cards I've come across during my travels in the hobby. Some are from my many mini-collections, while others are simply fun pieces I've found.

The goal of a frankenset is to compile a series of different sets and designs into one custom-made checklist. This post, for example, features the best cards I've found with numbers between 199 and 207, with a few words on why each made the cut.

Also, none of the players you'll see are from my cavalcade of "binder guys". It's my little way of honoring those who haven't made my binders over the years.

I've felt that my last few frankenset posts were a tad stale, which led to me taking a brief sabbatical from the series for a while. I've decided to bring them back with a new format that involves you, the reader.

All you have to do is take a look at the page of frankenset nominees and decide which one you like best. I'll be putting up a poll on the sidebar of this blog each week for votes to be counted. As always, feel free to comment on why you like a certain card, but a tally on the sidebar is all I ask.

I'll be voting myself, as I'm curious to see how well my choices match up with those of my fellow readers.

I'll crown a "king" of each frankenset page every week based on the voting results. If this format lasts long enough, I'm thinking of doing a tournament-like competition with each page king at some point down the road.

So, without further ado, here are your next nine frankenset nominees.

1993 Topps #199 Junior Ortiz

Play at the plate, and one of three parts

2013 Topps #200 Scott Downs

Angels throwback. 

2006 Upper Deck #201 Todd Jones

Kick out the jams! 

1995 Upper Deck Special Edition #202 Rod Beck

A rare relief pitcher at the plate. 

1995 Pinnacle #203 Kurt Manwaring

Play at the plate #2.

1993 Upper Deck #204 Mike Perez

Mike Perez autographing his 1993 Upper Deck card...on his 1993 Upper Deck card.

I still don't know how Upper Deck conjured up such sorcery.

2011 Topps Update #US-205 DJ LeMahieu

Crosstown double dip. 

2011 Topps #206 Chase Headley

Padres throwback. 

1998 Upper Deck #207 Andy Ashby

Gone fishin'.

I'm hoping this new format will freshen these frankenset posts up a little. After all, I've always been a sucker for a little cardboard competition.

The poll is now up on the sidebar.

Happy voting!


CaptKirk42 said...

The poll is a cool concept for this. Even though I'm a little partial to the Kurt Manwaring card since he is a "Kirk" variation and the card shows an Expo sliding into home, I had to go with the Magic Mike (UGH sorry about that pun) Perez card.

Mike said...

A card of a guy holding a card of the guy! Kramer....the very pants I was wearing!....

Dan said...

My vote is for Mike Perez, only because I was able to get him to sign that card for me.

Matthew Scott said...

I'm digging the relief pitcher batting!