Sunday, September 15, 2013

The dime box frankenset, Page 8: Numbers 64-72

It's been nearly a month since I've done one of these frankenset posts.

At that rate, I'll be done showing off the contents of this binder in, oh, around five years or so. I've really fallen behind the once-a-week pace I wanted for my frankenset write-ups.

Despite my time constraints, I'll be doing my best to catch up.

In today's edition, we'll be taking a look at our second consecutive completed frankenset page.

Completion status: 9/9...completed page!

Numbers needed: None!

The card: 1997 Topps #64 Mickey Morandini

Why it made the cut...

For the double dip shot, of course.

Even if '97 Topps does happen to be one of my least favorite sets ever.

The card: 1994 Upper Deck #65 Darren Daulton

Why it made the cut...

The second of three Phillies in this page, Mr. Daulton was rewarded with a nice "play at the plate" shot in 1994 Upper Deck.

Still, I can't help but imagine how much better this card could've been without the unnecessary "squished image" fad that seemed to sweep through the mid '90s.

It's especially awful when it comes to these horizontal shots.

The card: 2001 Upper Deck #66 Homer Bush

Why it made the cut...

This was one of my many dime box pickups at this year's National.

One particular dig resulted in a stack of new '01 UDs for my collection. As I found, the set is a goldmine for "double dip" shots. This Bush was one of about a dozen I plucked from that particular dime box.

It's funny that a guy named Homer would be featured on a great fielding shot.

Then again, considering Bush hit a whopping 11 homers in his seven-year career, it makes a little more sense.

The card: 1997 Collector's Choice #67 Frank Castillo

Why it made the cut...

Here's another symptom of my self-diagnosed "cardboard OCD".

As is the case with a few others from this binder, the reason Castillo made my frankenset was due to the shot on the back of this particular card. As you can see, the late hurler is featured at the plate.

Still, although I want to, I can't bring myself to store it in my binder with the back facing up. As shown by the full-page scan at the top of this post, the front is what you'd see while flipping through these pages.

For now, it's going to stay that way.

The card: 1995 Stadium Club Virtual Reality #68 Wilson Alvarez

Why it made the cut...




The card: 2013 Topps #69 Marco Scutaro NLCS

Why it made the cut...

This is one of my favorite cards of 2013 thus far.

In an uncommon cardboard sight, Marco Scutaro and his NLCS MVP award are being absolutely drenched with rain here.

Should I ever decide to start it, this would be a terrific addition to a "Braving the Elements" mini-collection.

Trouble is, it's already a nice part of my "Award Show" theme.

The card: 2013 Topps Opening Day #70 Danny Espinosa

Why it made the cut...

Here, we have another one of 2013's best moments.

A superb "double dip" shot, to say the least.

Speaking of which...

The card: 2007 Topps #71 Jose Lopez

Why it made the cut...

Lopez is the fourth and final "double dipper" featured in this page.

Like the aforementioned Morandini, I'm not a fan of this particular Topps design. Their 2007 release is probably in my bottom five in their more than 60-year history.

But "double dip" shots know no boundaries. If it's a double play, I want it.

I couldn't care less about the design.

The card: 1994 Upper Deck #72 Tyler Green

Why it made the cut...


Considering the fact that Green had all of three big-league games under his belt when this one hit the streets, I'd say he got a good deal from the folks at Upper Deck.

Well, that just about closes out this week's frankenset page.

While I haven't been posting about them as much as I'd like, I've certainly been picking up new candidates for this binder at a blistering rate. I hope to share them with you a little more in the coming weeks.

If you haven't experimented with a frankenset yet, I'd definitely recommend building one.

It's definitely worth the effort.

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petethan said...

I'm going to have to Get a Grip on that Alvarez, myself. That's sweet.

I'm glad I'm not the only one with OCD issues that make me do odd things. I suggest you take a deep breath, remember that the world is Random, and just flip Castillo over. Don't think about it too much. Just like ripping off a band-aid. You can do it!