Monday, August 19, 2013

I'm not worthy

I often wonder if I've done enough to repay the amazing amount of generosity I've received as a blogger.

Between people who comment, support, and just even read what I write around here, I'm hugely appreciative of those who've come along for the ride on this blog. Now that I think of it, it's been far too long since I've held a contest. (Hmmm.)

Where that reciprocity is biggest, however, is in the world of trading. Thanks to many of my readers, I've added an absolute truckload of new cards to my collection during my time here. It's easily up in the multi-thousand card range as we speak.

As far as returning the favor goes, I can only try. I know just sending something back is the way to pay it forward, but I want that person to at least have the same amount of joy I had when their trade package arrived on my doorstep. It's only fair.

Sometimes, like the past few weeks, I fall way, way behind in sending out cardboard. That makes me feel even less worthy.

On that note, you might better know fellow blogger Jim by his blogging name, GCRL. He runs the terrific blog "Garvey Cey Russell Lopes", one that's taught me more than I ever thought I'd know about the Dodgers.

He dropped an amazing package on my doorstep a few weeks ago. And it took until earlier this afternoon to send something back his way. I really need to work on my trade package turnaround.

The Hudler popped up in one of my frankenset posts a few weeks ago. I'm not sure what provoked him to strike that pose, but it sure looks like he bundled up for a cold day at the ballpark that afternoon.

That's one way to stay warm, I guess.

What a grab!

Another example of why '97 Upper Deck is one of the greatest sets ever. If anyone out there happens to have some extras of these, please keep me in mind.

It might take me a while to send something back your way, though.

But I'm working on it.

Jim has long been a pro at hitting my mini-collection needs.

That's another possible fantastic "at the wall" grab with the Hunter, although it's tough to tell for certain whether or not he made the catch.

All "autograph" shots are welcome in my collection. Cards that feature big leaguers signing for kids, however, earn an extra-special nod.

Even all these years later, I'm sure that Kearns autograph is still sitting somewhere in that kid's room.

I'm sure you know how much I love these "pitcher at the plate" shots by now.

Truthfully, though, I didn't even notice that Pete Vuckovich was a pitcher at first. I was too distracted by that flawless hair.

Bonus points go to any American League "pitcher at the plate" shots. Thanks to interleague play, AL hurlers had to start taking their hacks in 1997.

Oh, and, by the way, the Erickson again comes from '97 Upper Deck.

Have I sold you on that set yet?

I'm not sure where he finds 'em, but Jim has slipped a few new Darryl Kile cards into every package he's sent me lately.

Any and all Kiles are always appreciated under this roof, to say the least.

It's an honor to collect the guy.

Given my love for music, this is one insanely awesome piece of cardboard.

Bernie Williams is a well-known guitar aficionado. From what I hear, he's devoted most of his post-baseball life to music. He even released a few albums during his time with the Yankees.

This '98 Ultra piece is one of two I know that shows Williams with an "axe". The back of his '94 Donruss issue features his acoustic side, a card which I have yet to track down.

Jim also managed to helped ease a bit of my so-called "cardboard OCD" with this fantastic add as well. I landed the Gold Medallion parallel of this very card in a musically-themed purchase last year.

While I was glad to add it to my collection, not having the standard base version bugged me a bit. Thanks to Jim, though, I don't have to worry anymore.

In any other trade package, the guitar-wielding Williams probably would've taken the cake.

But not this one.


Here, we have one of the oldest (and not to mention greatest) cards I've ever received as a blogger. And it's the first 1956 Topps piece that anyone's ever sent me.

This isn't your standard '56 Topps card, though. It's a card of former NL MVP Hank Sauer, a man who has long been a part of my catalog of player collections. And it happens to feature a superb "at the wall" action shot, to boot.

Even though it's nearly 60 years old, the Sauer is still in better shape than about 95 percent of the vintage I own.

I had a full-on Wayne and Garth moment when this one fell out of Jim's trade package.

I mean, a 1956 Topps Hank Sauer?

What could possibly top that?

So, Jim, if you're reading this, I truly hope you enjoy what I sent back your way. I really do.

But I'm not sure I could ever match the greatness of this particular trade package.

I'm just not worthy.


Dhoff said...

Bernie and his guitar is so totally '90s. Indeed a great '56. Jim knows how to hook up the vintage.


I need one of those Bernies to go with my Randy Johnson drummer card !

I think a lot of us are in your position, with life going on all around us, sometimes it's hard to keep up.

Michael Chase said...

Wow, I am loving that Bernie!!!! The Collector's Choice Kile isn't too bad either : )

gcrl said...

happy to know the cards hit the spot!

i've got some more almost ready to send, but probably won't measure up to bernie and hank now that i've read this post...