Friday, August 30, 2013

I'm back...with a new mini-collection

Oh, how sweet it is to be back.

While it may not seem like much to others, I've basically had a week-long vacation from my collection. Not a voluntary one, by any means, but a hiatus that the dreaded school and work combo forced me to take.

No sorting, no organizing, no filing cards away. Nothing.

I haven't even thought about the blog in a couple days. I actually wrote Wednesday's post on Tuesday night, which was pretty much the last blog-related activity I've done since then.

As someone who likes to post day-in and day-out, it was certainly a strange experience. But, I guess that's part of what having a job means. Less time for your hobby, but more money to fund it.

For now, though, I'm work-free on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights, which is nice for quite a few reasons. Of course, now I get to finally spend some long-awaited quality time with my cardboard.

And it's pretty darn nice to be sitting here penning this blog post for all of you. Although it was only a two-day break, I missed the subtle joy I get from writing.

As a result, I'm breaking back into my posting habits with a brand spankin' new mini-collection announcement.

Perhaps you might remember the ill-fated "Turn Ahead the Clock" promotion that MLB launched in the late 1990's.

Quite a few clubs created futuristic variations of what their team's jerseys may look like in the year 2021. (Fittingly sponsored by Century 21.)

Now, seeing as how throwbacks have been all the rage over the last couple decades, it was an interesting idea. And a good concept, at that.

But the actual product was flat out atrocious. Goodness, what a train wreck that was. (The similar recent Rays jerseys haven't been much better.)

It was so bad, in fact, that I absolutely have to document it in some way with my collection. So, as of tonight, I'm officially collecting any cards that feature those awful "throw-forward" jerseys.

Admittedly, I'm not sure how many of these things actually exist. I believe I currently own four specimens, including the Tim Salmon you see above. (I featured another in an older post.)

Of course, if you have any of these hidden amongst your extras, I ask that you please think of me. The "Turn Ahead the Clock" promotion was just so goofy. So crazy. So strange.

Which makes it a perfect addition to my batch of mini-collections.


petethan said...

Those things were terrible. Like any tragedy, we should never forget. Looking forward to seeing this mini-collection/warning for posterity grow.

night owl said...

I have exactly one of those cards (coincidentally the Angels). It almost makes me throw up every time I see it. Good luck!

BaseSetCalling said...

I think I have one that might score partial credit. But it is in the 'to-be-blogged' pile, so you'll see it soon. Looks like I am about to win an eBay auction related to that post. I love it when a post comes together.

Jerry Yeager said...

I have never seen one of those cards, so do not own one, but me, I will collect anything.

P-town Tom said...

I had never seen those jerseys before. Yikes.

I'm almost wishing I could un-see them right now.

Steve D. said...

I've only got one of these too, and it's also an Angel. For awhile I thought it was a Spring Training uniform until I read an article about Turn Ahead the Clock. Then I remembered the Mercury Mets and it all came back to me.