Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Top 100 Vintage Countdown: Setting the table

I've had a lot of fun with this blog during the course of its lifetime.

In those 18 months (give or take a couple), I've started quite a few little projects. New themes, new mini-collections, even a "Gems of Junk Wax" tournament.

And, yes, I've tried to give my readers a regular dosage of simply random topics along the way as well.

However, I think the most fun I've ever had with this blog came during the course of my "Top 100" posts.

For a few months in late 2012 and early 2013, I recounted my 100 favorite cards from the modern era of cardboard. Anything from 1981 to the present day was eligible for the list.

Because I've received a ton of awesome items since the close of that countdown, I'm planning on making a few updates to the list, much like what Mr. Night Owl did in a recent post for his Dodger countdown. (Which, incidentally, is where this whole "Top 100" inspiration started.)

During my modern "Top 100", however, I kept mentioning that I had plans for a similar vintage list at some point down the road. I was hoping to unveil it around April or May, but the "Gems of Junk Wax" tournament kind of took priority over that.

Well, tonight, I'm happy to announce that I'm in the preliminary stages of composing a vintage "Top 100" countdown. At the moment, my list stands at 253 cards. I've started to whittle it down bit by bit over the last few days, though.

I'm going to do my best to unveil it sometime before my school semester starts in about three weeks. For now, though, I thought I'd brush up on some of the rules for those who weren't around for the modern list or for people who might've forgotten them.

The first rule is pretty self-explanitory.

Anything from 1980 and before is eligible for this countdown.

I mean anything.

Obviously, the vast majority of my list will be comprised of your basic Topps vintage issues.

In terms of eligibility, though, any pre-'81 cardboard is fair game. Hostess, Kellogg's, Bazooka, you name it. Yes, my extreme few tobacco cards and Goudeys are in the mix as well. (I'm betting you'll see those high on the list once I get around to making it.)

Even the often-ignored SSPC brand might slide into a few "Top 100" spots. Under normal circumstances, this "Killer" card would be a shoe-in. After all, it's the only card I know of that features him as a Kansas City Royal.

But, at least for now anyways, I think it'll be on the outside looking in.


In keeping with the rules of my modern "Top 100" countdown, I've decided to limit each player to two spots on my list.

For now.

This is one I'm still grappling with, since my modern cards vastly outnumber my vintage issues. Still, I just don't know how fair it'd be if five different Roberto Clementes or four Killebrews wind up on my list. (My much-adored '76 SSPC is actually my third-favorite card of "Killer".)

It pains me to say it, but the two Dick Allen spots have already been filed. And this '75, one of my absolute favorite cards from the iconic checklist, didn't make it.

Again, this rule isn't set in stone...yet. If you have some input on this, I'd love to hear it.

For now, though, the two-card rule applies.

Still, should it go into effect, there is a bit of a loophole.

I won't be counting "League Leader" or other multi-player issues towards the two-card limit.

This beautiful "Leader" piece of probably the two best hurlers in Dodger history is indeed on my preliminary list. (How could it not be?)

Still, should it make the countdown, both Koufax and Drysdale could ideally still have two other cards appear on the list.

I might as well give a little spoiler alert now.

You will see two other Sandy Koufax cards on my list.

Probably pretty high up, too, if I had to guess.

That's pretty much it.

I'm trying to keep this countdown as open as possible.

One more thing I should mention, though.

Anything I get at the National this Saturday will be eligible for my "Top 100" list. That's the cutoff. Any post-National vintage goodies I happen to come across will not be in the countdown.

In a perfect world, I kind of wish I got this list together a bit sooner. That was my plan, after all.

Still, in a way, I guess I'm glad things got pushed back a bit. I mean, had I gone ahead and started the thing back April or early June as I'd planned, chances are you wouldn't have seen "The Mick" make an appearance.

And that would've been a darn shame. My "Top 100" list just wouldn't have been complete without him.

So, that's the plan. Like I said, I'm still grappling with the two-card limit rule, but everything is pretty much ready to go aside from that.

I hope you're ready.

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petethan said...

Looking forward to it, Nick. Here's hoping for something from the National that blows your mind, and ours along with it. That Mantle is awesome, but I'm pretty giddy with the Dodgers walk-off over the Yanks tonight, so I think I'm gonna have to campaign for the Koufax/Drysdale. I have that one, but someone folded it in half, back in the day, perhaps preparing it for the possibility of separating Big D from the Left Hand of God. Glad they didn't.