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The dime box frankenset, Page 4: Numbers 28-36

Compared to many other fellow frankenset-ers, I'm still a rookie with this whole business.

Still, I've already had a historic week in my fairly recent "dime box frankenset" quest.

After weeks of hand-wringing and begging, my frankenset checklist has finally found a proper home inside a binder. As a matter of fact, though, I've had a special binder set aside for these since I originally announced my plans for this little project.

The pages were what worried me. I couldn't find any at flea markets or garage sales. And, given that I'm currently in a cash crunch, buying new ones online wasn't a viable option.

Amazingly, though, I had a big box of 100 brand new nine-pocket pages wind up on my doorstep earlier this week. At first, I didn't know who sent them.

However, the note inside led me to the culprit. Brian from the terrific blog "Base Set Calling" was the one who gave my frankenset a much-needed home. (Plus, I've had a few other generous souls offer to send me pages as of late, too.)

So, Brian, this post (and the rest of my frankenset write-ups, for that matter) goes out to you. I wouldn't have such an awesome way to display my "dime box frankenset" without your help.

Let's get the lowdown on the fourth page from my brand spankin' new frankenset binder.

Completion status: 8/9

Numbers needed: #34

The card: 1995 Pinnacle #28 Derrick May

Why it made the cut...

I've long expressed my love for any card featuring the timeless Wrigley Field ivy.

This shot of a leaping Derrick May is easily one of the greatest pieces I've seen in that department. Plus, the famous "basket" even makes a rare appearance here.

It's just another stake in my claim of Pinnacle's vast under-appreciation around collecting circles.

The card: 1995 Upper Deck #29 Geronimo Berroa

Why it made the cut...

Here, we have one of the better additions to my "at the wall" mini-collection.

Sadly, it doesn't look like Mr. Berroa made the catch, though.

The card: 1994 Topps #30 Kirt Manwaring

Why it made the cut...

While I'm not altogether sure this can be considered an official "play at the plate" card, it certainly features an outstanding action shot.

I love that Topps managed to capture Manwaring in an intense, almost cackling frame of anticipation.

Then again, catchers always seem to get the best action shots, don't they?

The card: 1986 Topps #31 Jamie Easterly

Why it made the cut...

Between the glasses and the neat autograph shot, this makes for a nifty "combo" mini-collection hit.

I wish there were more specs in the bigs these days.

The card: 2010 Upper Deck #32 Kyle Phillips

Why it made the cut...

The Blue Jays tenure of former catcher Kyle Phillips lasted for all of five games in 2009.

Yet, in that extremely short time span, he managed to come away with one of the more epic "broken bat" shots I've ever seen. Upper Deck looks to have captured this shot just moments after his bat shattered.

If only UD could've found a better place to stick that unsightly rookie card logo.

Then it'd be pretty darn close to a perfect baseball card.

The card: 1997 Upper Deck #33 Scott Servais

Why it made the cut...

This is one of the absolute best cards from my frankenset.

Once again, we have Wrigley Field providing a breathtaking backdrop to a terrific moment of action between Bret Boone and Scott Servais.

Upper Deck puts it brilliantly when noting of Servais's effort to "brace" himself for the upcoming play at the plate.

Thanks to UD's innovative "dating" methods, I confirmed the fact that Mr. Boone was indeed out on this collision, the victim of a peg from Cub left fielder Luis Gonzalez. It occurred in the top of the 7th during the Cubs-Reds contest on April 17th, 1996.

Oh, and the Cubs won that game, 8-6.

The card: 2012 Topps Update #US-35 Craig Breslow

Why it made the cut...

At first, I thought this was a "throwback" mini-collection need.

That particular Diamondback logo can be traced back to their World Series days. Still, it was never featured on black uniforms back in the early 2000's.

These are actually alternate jerseys for today's D'Backs franchise. They've been sporting them for the last few years.

Even though they're not throwbacks, I'd still say they make for nice ballpark garb.

That alone earned Mr. Breslow a spot in this frankenset.

The card: 1994 Collector's Choice #36 Wilson Alvarez

Why it made the cut...

Simply a neat shot of Mr. Alvarez teaching the art of pitching to a young fan here.

It's quirky issues like these that make Collector's Choice such an awesome brand in my eyes.

You'll be seeing a lot more of it as these posts roll on, too.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to peruse my awesome new frankenset binder for about the dozenth time.

It's just such a beautiful sight.

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