Friday, July 12, 2013

Dime Box Heroes: Proofreading

2006 Just Minors Black Edition #51 Jarrod Saltalamacchia /50

As a dime box connoisseur, I pride myself on soaking in every last detail possible.

For most of my discount bin digs, I absolutely have to look through every single card available. A phenomenon I've discussed before, it's a major reason why my card show trips tend to last for a good three or four hours. (At the least.)

I'm not sure if the rest of the collecting community is as obsessive as I am with such a thing. Maybe it's just me, but I can't bear to think what kind of gems I'd be leaving behind. That's why I have to look through all of it.

But, hey. Nobody's perfect. 

Even after hours of digging, I still tend to miss quite a few things from time to time.

Take Mr. Saltalamacchia there, for instance. I scored that particular card of his from last month's trip to the local flea market.

"Salty" is the basis for one of my many player collections. At the time, I simply thought it'd be cool to land one of his minor league issues.

Without much of a second thought, I threw it into my purchase pile.

Later that night, a good six or seven hours after I'd returned home from my flea market binge, I decided to give my finds a good comb through.

After a while, I came across the very "Salty" card you see above. Interested to soak in some of his minor league stats, I flipped it over.

That's when I found a major detail I'd missed the first time.

My eyes instantly shot to the gaping oversight.

See that little foil sticker on the bottom-left hand corner?

I didn't. Not at first, anyways. That's when I made quite the discovery, in that the stamping reads as follows...


Somehow, I'd stumbled upon an extremely scarce minor league issue of one of the game's better backstops. Only 49 other copies of this particular card exist.

In the entire world.

And I scored mine for a dime.

Apparently, all the cards from Just's "Black Edition" sets were limited to 50 copies in 2006. Frankly, I didn't think minor league checklists even had parallels.

As a kid, school teachers always seemed to hammer the idea of proofreading into our heads. Proofread this, proofread that. Proofread everything.

Unwittingly, I guess I've continued that lesson into my collecting travels. Without proofreading my cardboard, I'd be missing out on a lot of the little intricacies that make this hobby so awesome.

Who knows?

Without a little proofreading, maybe I would've never noticed that my dime box "Salty" was one of just fifty in the whole wide world.

I guess my teachers were right. They taught me a valuable lesson. In fact, it's one that I'd like to implore all of you to live by.

Always, always proofread.

Especially when it comes to cardboard.

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petethan said...

Yes, but did you make sure they spelled Saltalamacchia right each time on the card? Get back to work, proofreader!