Sunday, June 16, 2013

The dime box frankenset, Page 1: Numbers 1-9

It's official.

My quest to build a frankenset is now a "thing". I've sorted through all the "cool cards" of my non-binder guys and devised a checklist. And, as it happens, I'm now ready to start officially posting on the topic.

I guess it's no coincidence that my first write-up in this series should come on Father's Day. After I filled him in on what exactly a frankenset was, he seemed quite enthused about the topic. I know he'll be reading these posts.

I've said this all before, but it deserves mentioning again. I seriously doubt I would've ever picked up the hobby at all had it not been for my dad, a former card collector himself.

And, on top of that, I know I wouldn't still be interested in cardboard today had it not been for my dad's support and enthusiasm for my hobby. So, dad, this frankenset's for you.

Before I officially start this thing, I've made a quick change to the concept. Instead of making it a 660-card frankenset as I initially intended, I've decided to take the suggestion of Spankee from "My Cardboard Mistress" and make it a 666-card checklist.

Since 666 is divisible by nine, it'll allow the frankenset to end on a full page, which'll do wonders for my cardboard OCD. Plus, Mr. Hatcher will make for an outstanding end to this dime box frankenset.

So, let's get started, shall we?

Here's the lowdown on page #1.

Completion status: 7/9

Numbers missing: #s 2, 4

The card: 1980 Green Mountain Press Folk Heroes #1 Casey at the Bat

Why it made the cut...

I'll admit, it's a bit of a stretch to include this one in my official frankenset.

After all, "Casey" from the famous poem Casey at the Bat may or may not have even existed. It's still up for debate.

For now, though, it makes the cut. After all, most card number ones in checklists are reserved for some of the game's biggest stars. And most stars are "binder guys" in my collection.

Since this frankenset is reserved for non-binder cardboard, it'll prove difficult to find a proper #1 piece.

Besides, while I can't find any exact info on it, this card of the mysterious Casey is indeed cool. The company that produced it even included "official" stats on the back, complete with his stint with the famous Mudville franchise.

All things considered, Casey makes for a nice leadoff to the frankenset.

The card: 1991 Studio #3 Leo Gomez

Why it made the cut...

As one of the better "bespectacled ballplayer" issues I own, I'm guessing Mr. Gomez here will hold down the #3 slot for quite a while.

He really does look like a high school math teacher in that shot.

The card: 1993 Stadium Club 1st Day Production #5 Tony Phillips

Why it made the cut...

While I prefer to have the base card, parallels are acceptable when it comes to my method of frankensetting.

In this "1st Day Production" shot of Mr. Phillips, we have both a "throwback" and "double dip" shot rolled into one. The elusive "combo" mini-collection hit.

That's certainly enough to cement a place in this frankenset.

The card: 1995 Upper Deck #6 Todd Greene

Why it made the cut...

Bat barrel!

Quite the psychedelic one, at that.

The card: 1992 Upper Deck #7 Roberto Hernandez SR

Why it made the cut...

I've expressed my love for "interview" shots on many different occasions around here.

Here, we have Roberto Hernandez being interviewed by a channel 19 news network. As it happens, 19 just so happens to be my personal lucky number. (I was born on February 19th.)

Cool in every sense of the word.

The card: 2004 Bowman Draft #BDP-8 Mike Wood

Why it made the cut...

Autograph shot!

As you'll probably notice as these posts roll on, mini-collection hits will be a bit of a running theme in this frankenset.

The card: 1972 Topps #9 Stan Williams

Why it made the cut...

I'd have to go back and check, but I'm pretty sure this is currently the oldest card in my dime box frankenset.

As one of the first (and undoubtedly greatest) night shots to ever grace the front of a baseball card, I'd have to guess that Mr. Williams here will prove to be a permanent member of this checklist.

It's a fantastic way to close out the very first page of my special dime box frankenset.

Oh, but we're only just getting started with these posts.

There's still a whole lot of cool cardboard to go.


Mark Kaz said...

Off to a great start! I can't wait to start seeing completed pages. But, let's not rush the journey -- that's the best part, after all!

petethan said...

I think the Casey makes for a perfect start. Lookin' forward to the complete set.

P-town Tom said...

I'm a high school math teacher and I approve of your reference to Mr. Leo Gomez. True. So True.


Great start ! I love Casey and the #6 bat.

Not sure I like the # 666 though!