Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Gems of Junk Wax Bracketology: Victors from the Sweet 16 (Pt. 2)

Well, the votes are in.

And, thanks to you, fellow voters, we have quite a legendary "Elite Eight" matchup on tap from this region.

I think you'll see why in a minute.

#12 -- 1991 Topps #760 Benito Santiago (23 votes)


#9 -- 1988 Fleer #582 Tim Flannery (5 votes)

Mr. Santiago hasn't received much of a fight in this tournament thus far.

That trend continued with this "Sweet 16" matchup. He took down the surfboard-themed Flannery by a hefty 18-vote margin.

As one of the more iconic issues from the overproduction era, I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

In my opinion, it's one of the stronger contenders in this thing.

#7 -- 1991 Topps #455 Walt Weiss (18 votes)


#11 -- 1987 Classic Yellow #124 Andre Dawson (9 votes)

I was a bit torn on my feelings with this matchup.

All things equal, my personal preference lies with the Dawson. It's just not every day you see such a vicious beanball featured on a baseball card.

Then again, I did want to see an all-'91 Topps "Elite Eight" matchup. And, since Santiago's victory was never in much doubt, all the pressure lied on the shoulders of Walt Weiss.

In the end, my readers chose the latter option. Mr. Weiss emerged victorious.

And, of course, we will have a 1991 Topps-centric matchup when these two masterpieces face off against each other in the next round.

I can't wait.

Until then, look for the next pair of "Sweet 16" matchups later tonight.

We've got a couple doosies this time around.


P-town Tom said...

IMO, I think Benito's ticket is punched for the Final Four.

Backstop Cards said...

Andale Benito!