Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Gems of Junk Wax Bracketology: Victors from the field of 64 (Pt. 4)

The results are in.

After this afternoon, we'll finally be ready to move on to the "Terrific 32". Lots of great matchups await in the next round.

For now, though, let's meet the final group of victors from the field of 64.

#1 seed -- 1988 Topps #18 Al Leiter RC ERR (19 votes)


#16 seed -- 1988 Topps #543 Kent Tekulve (13 votes)

As I've mentioned in the past, Kent Tekulve is one of my all-time favorites.

Still, I think my voters got this one right. The famous Al Leiter/Chris George "player swap" made for one of the biggest screw-ups of the overproduction era.

Given my love for error cards, I'm happy to see it move on to the next round.

#8 -- 1987 Topps #653 Kevin Mitchell RC (26 votes)


#9 -- 1994 Ted Williams #61 Billy Martin (5 votes)

Personally, I would've chose Mr. Martin in this matchup.

Still, deep down, I knew he didn't stand a chance against the Mitchell. The '87 set is simply too well-loved around collecting circles.

And the Mitchell is arguably the single greatest card from the entire checklist. Given all that, I can easily see why he ran away with the victory here.

Despite knocking out Billy Martin, I'm excited to see how far Mr. Mitchell can advance in this tournament.

#5 -- 1992 Topps #40 Cal Ripken Jr. (23 votes)


#12 -- 1990 Topps #278 Pascual Perez (9 votes)

I think we all knew how this one would play out.

Personally, I'm surprised nine people even voted for the Perez.

#4 -- 1994 UD All-Time Heroes #1 Ted Williams OW (18 votes)


#13 -- 1994 Topps #20 Bryan Harvey (14 votes)

This was, without a doubt, the most interesting matchup of the region.

I thought the "Splendid Splinter" would absolutely run away with the victory. After all, a shot of him on the mound isn't something you see every day.

Yet, lo and behold, Mr. Harvey proved to be a force to be reckoned with. The shocking "sleeper" pick was even leading in the later stages of the voting.

In the end, the Williams squeaked by with a four-vote margin of victory.

But Bryan Harvey sure made things interesting.

#11 -- 1993 Topps #200 Kirby Puckett (24 votes)


#6 -- 1994 Conlon Collection #1260 Fred Merkle (7 votes)

This pairing is eerily similar to the Mitchell-Martin matchup I featured earlier.

Due to my love for old-time baseball, my pick here would've been the Merkle. As one of the more iconic cards of the overproduction era, however, I pretty much knew Mr. Puckett would win handily.

Adieu, Fred Merkle.

No matter what, you're still one of my favorites.

#14 -- 1992 Stadium Club #520 Wade Boggs (22 votes)


#3 -- 1993 Donruss #261 Brent Mayne (10 votes)

Like a few of the other matchups in this region, there wasn't much doubt as to who would emerge victorious here.

Still, I did get to finally learn the backstory on the '93 Donruss Mayne. As it turns out, it wasn't the near-brawl I'd hoped.

But I still love it all the same.

Even so, I'm happy Mr. Boggs moved on.

#7 -- 1991 Ultra #296 Ozzie Smith (22 votes)


#10 -- 1992 Donruss Triple Play #227 Sandy Alomar Jr. (9 votes)

While I'm with the majority here, I thought the voting would be a lot closer with this matchup.

The thirteen-vote margin of victory took my by surprise. Most collectors seem to enjoy "cards with kids" (as I like to call them). The Alomar is one of the better ones from that category.

Still, I guess "The Wizard" just worked his magic once again.

#2 -- 1989 Upper Deck #755 Jim Abbott RC (29 votes)


#15 -- 1992 Classic #T80 "Deion Drops In" (2 votes)

The field of 64 ends with what proved to be the most lopsided matchup of all.

Abbott's 27-vote margin of victory made for the biggest blowout we've seen thus far.

Good job, readers.

And, speaking of readers, a huge amount of thanks goes out to everyone who voted on matchups from the field of 64.

Still, I must warn you.

As we move on to the "Terrific 32", the decisions are going to get tougher.

A lot tougher.

So, here's how the next round of matchups will look for this region.

#1 -- 1988 Topps #18 Al Leiter RC ERR vs. #8 -- 1987 Topps #653 Kevin Mitchell RC

#5 -- 1992 Topps #40 Cal Ripken Jr. vs. #4 -- 1994 UD All-Time Heroes #1 Ted Williams OW

#11 -- 1993 Topps #200 Kirby Puckett vs. #14 -- 1992 Stadium Club #520 Wade Boggs

#7 -- 1991 Ultra #296 Ozzie Smith vs. #2 -- 1989 Upper Deck #755 Jim Abbott RC

Certainly some interesting pairings in that bunch.

On that note, get ready. The "Terrific 32" is here!

Look for the first round of matchups later tonight.


Backstop Cards said...

Bummed about the Alomar card, that was my fave in this region. Ripken and Williams SHOULD have smooth sailing from here on out, those are awesome as well.

Backstop Cards said...

Oh, just saw that they're facing off in the next round. Not sure how to vote on that one...