Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Dime Box Heroes: Condition tolerant

2006 Greats of the Game "Decade Greats" #DEC-RC Roberto Clemente

I realize that I may be a bit more lenient than most other collectors in terms of condition.

Heck, just look at these. Or these. Or maybe even a couple of these.

While I may take it to the extreme with my "condition threshold", I've found that a card doesn't have to look like it's been through three fires and a hurricane in order for you to get a good deal on it.

Take the above Roberto Clemente card, for example.

On a quick side note, the Clemente comes from the 2006 Greats of the Game set. Or as I like to call it, the set that made me realize buying singles is a better option than boxes most of the time. At a card show from my youth, my dad said he'd treat to either a box of cards, or just give me extra cash for individual cards.

In one of the worst card-related decisions of my life, I chose the box of 2006 GOTG. I think the big hit from it was a Dusty Baker autograph or something.

A similar situation presented itself at a recent card show. I made the right choice this time around, needless to say.

Anyways, back to the Clemente card, which I nabbed from one of the first card shows I can remember going to.

I was just starting to realize the greatness of dime boxes when I came across this particular card. You could tell that the dealer had gone through this particular box beforehand. While I did find some great cards, they were more of guys like Alan Embree, the more obscure guys I collect. 

It made it all the more shocking to find a Roberto Clemente card inside.

Best I can tell, the only reason the card was marked down so low is because of a slight bend in the top-right corner. 

It's so small that it doesn't even show up in the scan. 

I understand why people might not want cards that look like this. But a card doesn't have to be creased, written on, or hole-punched for dealers to deem them unworthy.

The slightest bit of tolerance can pay huge dividends in this hobby.

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