Thursday, May 3, 2012

I'm a geek

It's funny how things work out sometimes.

I'm glad to see that my "Why We Write" post was well-received by the blogging community. Mr. Night Owl himself even did a post that elaborated on the topic a whole lot more. His post made me think about other reasons why I blog, besides the cards. In a cyclical manner, I guess my post did the same for him, in a way.

Robert, author of "$30 A Week Habit" (easily one of my favorite blogs), also addressed the topic of why he writes in a recent post, accompanied with a fantastic story involving his co-workers and baseball cards.

In one of the last sentences of Robert's post, he writes, "Because I'm a geek, and I'm damn proud of it", an answer to why he collects and blogs so fervently.

That sentence actually inspired me a bit, and brought about the idea for this post. (It also made me want to watch "Revenge of the Nerds" again, although I'm not sure if Robert meant to quote from that movie or not.)

There's that cyclical thing again.

I realize that I have a lot to learn in life. While I know there's a lot more waiting for me outside of school, playing basketball with some friends on a summer day, and collecting baseball cards, I'm intrigued, yet a little worried, about what exactly that might encompass.

However, one of the few truths I have learned is something I've been fascinated by ever since I first realized it. While I've never been embarrassed by my obsession over baseball cards, it's made me feel better about this sometimes-quirky hobby at times.

It is my firm belief that everyone is a "geek", one way or another.

The "geek" in me comes from baseball cards. (Although you could make a case for music being an equally "geeky" realm of my life...but that's for another post.)

I'm sure most of us know that the above Boog Powell comes from the 1975 set. It's pretty much an automatic thought once you see that famous design.

From that one card, I can also tell anyone who wants to listen that the 660-card 1975 set begins and ends with Hank Aaron, once as a Brave, and once as a Brewer. "Boog" Powell's actual first name is John, and this is his final card as an Oriole. His final card comes from the 1977 Topps set, by which time he was a Cleveland Indian.

All that from one, simple card.

Sure, if anyone asks, I'd be happy to tell them even more about it. But no one ever asks.

I guess that's what a being a "geek" means. Knowing way too much about a subject no one would ever inquire about.

I've mentioned before how glad I was to learn that my group of friends actually play a card game. They know what it means to collect. They were rattling off terms and phrases that sounded foreign to me, phrases that probably wouldn't serve much of a purpose anywhere else.

So I guess they're "geeks", too.

I've hung out with people that couldn't stop talking about cars. We'd be driving down the street, and they'd instantly be able to say, "Hey, see that car over there? That's a 1982 Honda 5000 Hatchback with rear wheel driving. Nice car." (Disclaimer: I know absolutely nothing about cars, as you can probably tell.)

At the same time, I'm thinking, "How the heck do they know that?" But then I realize that they'd probably be wondering the same thing if I went sputtering off about baseball cards.

Yes, even you car people are "geeks".

As you can probably tell by now, I don't think of the word "geek" in its traditional negative way.

If you're not a "geek", then you probably don't have any hobbies or interests. And that's no way to go through life, son. 

The possibilities are endless. I know people who are movie "geeks". I've met math "geeks". I myself hope to be a psychology "geek" one day. 

For now, I'll settle for being a baseball card "geek", and I sure am proud of it. Step right up if you'd like to learn more about Boog Powell.

I'm planning something special on the blog in honor of our collective "geekdom" (and the fact that my summer vacation is almost here), so stay tuned. 

In the meantime, take solace in the fact that we're all "geeks".

It's a good thing.


Robert said...

It's funny...I hadn't thought about Revenge of the Nerds when I wrote that post the other day..kind of a happy coincidence there.

I've tried being a geek at other hobbies, but collecting cards is just too damn fun for me to keep shying away from it.

Cory said...

I'm not a geek. Many people have said so. What they said that I really was cannot be repeated here.