Friday, May 25, 2012

2012 Topps Archives: Three packs of fun

One of my favorite times in the blogosphere is the first week or so after a new set is released.

I know people complain about seeing the same cards twenty times, but I love hearing all the varying opinions on all the new releases. It makes me glad to be a part of the blogosphere.

After all, opinions are a part of what makes this hobby so great. So if you're sick of Archives, I apologize. But showing off new cards is one of my favorite things about blogging.

So ready or not, here comes more Archives.

I've been excited about Topps Archives as soon as I heard it was coming back. The original Archives set is probably my favorite of the 21st century.

While the name is the same, this version of Archives is totally different. The 2012 set features current players on old designs...

...but all of you probably know that already. So let's just move past all the fluff and get to the cards, shall we?

My dad was nice enough to treat me to a blaster and three loose packs of Archives this afternoon. I haven't even opened the blaster yet, but it's sitting right next to me, almost calling my name. I'm planning to play some softball for the first time in a while this afternoon, so I probably won't get to the blaster pulls until tomorrow.

But I opened the three loose packs over lunch today. My dad likes seeing the new sets about as much as I do.

The first pack netted the above cloth sticker Justin Verlander insert. I should try and pick up a real '77 cloth issue for my collection. (Does anyone actually peel the sticker?)

Lincecum is one of my dad's favorite players, so that pull was a pleasant surprise.

Out of the four designs, I'd have to say the '71s are my overall favorite. I'm not usually a fan of black-bordered cards, but those are an exception. (Which means this blog is probably my favorite set-based one out there.)

These came from the third and final pack I opened.

The second pack was so awesome that I'm saving it for last.

As usual, Topps' Hall-of-Famer selection for the base set was same old, same old. (The SPs are different, but I didn't pull any of those.)

I've got about 70 cards each of Gehrig and Robinson. About half of those are from the last five years or so. These are cool, but when is it enough?

The '84 set is just average to me.

It's nice, but nothing to get too excited over. I wish Topps had selected a design from the '60s instead of either the 1980 or '84 designs. It would've worked better, at least in my view.

The Uggla is pretty neat, though. That's probably the most colorful scoreboard I've ever seen behind him.

I found the '71 Reyes especially interesting because the Marlins weren't even around then. The blue and red color scheme was an interesting choice. (They should've used orange.)

My favorite part of this year's Archives set are the reprints.

I've already mentioned how much of a sucker I am when it comes to those. Not to mention that "Pops" is one of my favorite HOFers.

Now we move on to that awesome pack I mentioned earlier.

I really like this David Wright card. A great in-action shot of a guy who is absolutely tearing it up right now.

But the base cards weren't what made this pack so great...

I can't remember the last time I pulled an autograph from a retail pack, much less one of a guy that was actually a decent player.

I'd guess that Dave Righetti probably doesn't have a whole lot of autographs out there, which makes this one even better.

That being said, it is for trade if any Yankee/Righetti fans want it.

As if that wasn't enough...

...this slid out of the pack right after the Righetti.

Clemente is without a doubt my all-time favorite baseball player. The game would not be the same had he not come along.

The scan doesn't come even close to doing this card justice. Not only is it 3-D, but it's a fantastic action shot of Clemente as well, eagerly taking his lead off first base.

Needless to say, it was easily the best pack I've opened in a few years.

Judging from what the rest of the blogosphere has said so far, I think I'm in the minority with this set.

I like it.

I've always been fond of old-timey designs. Although the card stock isn't appropriate to the era that Topps is trying to represent, it still has a similar effect. Topps did a nice job with these. (Reading more of what the blogosphere thinks, it looks like I might be the only one who likes them.)

I'll go out on a limb and say that this will be the best non-flagship release of the year. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go bust open the blaster.

More Archives await.


The Lost Collector said...

Sweet Rags! I'd be interested in a possible trade.

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The Lost Collector said...


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Zayden said...

Wow that auto was a great pull. I've never gotten anything more than a jersey out of a retail pack. Of course that's why I don't mind retail as I'm not really looking for those types of cards. That David Wright sure looks awesome too!! I haven't opened any Archives yet but it sure does look fun. I've been striking out lately, the last 5 packs I've bought only featured one Mets player and it's one I already had.