Wednesday, November 28, 2018

The (Second) Dime Box Frankenset, Page 32: Numbers 280-288

Frankenset Page #37 WINNER -- 1996 Stadium Club #333 Jay Buhner (13 votes)

As I post each week's frankenset page, I like to go through and pick out which card I think might win -- not necessarily my favorite of the bunch, just the card I think will resonate most.

My inkling this time around was correct: while he wouldn't have been my own personal choice, Jay Buhner took home the crown last week, as I thought he would. Buhner received 13 of the 34 total votes for a comfortable victory -- the only real competition came from outfielder/point-guard Adam Lind (10 votes).

I can't say I've ever seen a point-of-impact shot quite like the Buhner before, so I'm happy to add it to the Gallery of Frankenset Champions.

I was unexpectedly asked to work an extra shift yesterday, which is why this week's frankenset post comes a day later than usual (don't my managers know I have a blog to run here?).

Hopefully the delay doesn't affect the results of our newest batch of nine -- as handed down by the almighty Random Number Generator, let's take a look at Page 32 (#s 280-288) of the frankenset here today.

1995 Stadium Club #280 Thomas Howard

Wall climbing at its finest. 

2018 Stadium Club #281 Brian Dozier

On the dugout steps. 

2016 Topps Update #US282 Will Harris

High-fives aplenty at the Midsummer Classic. 

2016 Stadium Club #283 Rougned Odor


1998 Stadium Club #284 Sean Berry

Can't say I own another card of a dude in a cockpit. 

1992 Leaf #285 Mickey Tettleton

Play at the plate! 

1958 Topps #286 Gino Cimoli

A card I first encountered in the Baseball Hall of Shame books I read dozens of times as a kid, notable for the fact that some rabid Topps employee airbrushed the bat right out of poor Gino Cimoli's hands (the penciled-in .564 on my copy remains a mystery, however). 

1998 Fleer Tradition #287 Kevin Appier

The ever-rare American League pitcher at the plate. 

1992 Pinnacle #288 Bob Tewksbury

Bob Tewksbury: pitcher by day, Picasso by night.

That just about does it for this week's page -- the polls are now on the sidebar.

Happy voting!


Adam Kaningher said...

Dude in a cockpit is getting my vote.

Trevor P said...

This may be the best, most unique page I've seen. Tough choice this week.

Johnnys Trading Spot said...

Berry gets my vote too

Brett Alan said...

I find the seeming Stadium Club/Budwiser joint logo on the Dozier disturbing.

Mike said...

I would love to know the backstory to the cockpit photo-op!

shoeboxlegends said...

I'm more intrigued by that random penciled .564. If I focused on that too much it would probably drive me insane trying to figure out what it stood for!

Rebel Coyote said...

Tough choice between Sean Berry and Bob Tewksbury

Matt said...

Tough choice this week, but I'm giving extra credit to Tewksbury and his caricatures! Ozzie cameo!

Fuji said...

Lots of Stadium Club to choose from. I'm not gonna stray from my norm. Gonna go with the action shot and pick Howard.