Friday, July 6, 2018

When Twitter doesn't completely suck

I'm not a gigantic fan of social media, which I guess makes me a bit of a hypocrite since I am in fact on a couple forms of social media.

I've been on Facebook since high school, but Twitter's only been in my life for the last four years or so. I've tried to make Twitter a baseball-only source of news (key word there is tried), and there are a lot of great card collectors over there, but by and large I feel like one of those people at a party who's always uncomfortable and just stands by the wall or watches TV all night (so not much different than my day-to-day life, really).

I will say, however, that one of the benefits of Twitter is that people do sometimes just send you cards for the heck of it: a kind chap named Nick (@vossbrink) recently sent me this excellent Mother's Cookies Goose -- a semi-white whale of mine since it's Gossage's first and only card as a Giant (that I know of).

I've also gotten a bit addicted lately to card sales on Twitter since there always seem to be a handful going on (a welcome break from all the high-end hitz and contest retweets).

I got these dueling Lesters on the cheap from a card sale run by a fellow collector named Hunter (@bravescards5).

These nifty Cubs also came from Hunter's sale, including a spiffy pink Dexter Fowler (the borders really pop in person) and a purple Toys 'R' Us parallel of uber-bust Josh Vitters.

I found myself sucked into another cheap card sale recently, this one run by a guy named Shane (@SportsManiaCard).

Unlike most online sales where stuff is overpriced and/or you pay a fortune in shipping, the ones I frequent are quite affordable: I think these two parallel beauties were a slim 50 cents a pop.

Took care of some Opening Day insert needs as well (is that Hideki Matsui high-fiving Reggie Jackson?!).

A page full of Mo!

I pounced all over this Robin Yount box bottom for loose change, because one should always buy box bottoms when they're available for loose change.

So there: Twitter may sometimes kill brain cells, cause lost faith in humanity, and convince you that today's society can only communicate through GIFs, but hey -- at least you might get some cards out of it.


Mike said...

Good to see Twitter is good for something,ha!

Chris said...

I echo your thoughts about Twitter, social media, and social situations in general. Never used Twitetr (or Instagram) myself but i do occasional peruse others' pages.

You got some great deals here. I like the Lester and Mo cards of course, but also the Gallo parallel and Yount box bottom.

Josh Vitters actually made it to the show? I must have missed that. I briefly hesitated on investing in Kris Bryant cause of him.

Salgado said...

Great post. I’d been looking for cheap cars sales on Twitter since Jenny got me hooked, so now I have a few more accounts to follow. Thanks.

Fuji said...

I still haven't figured out Twitter. I have an account... and I share my blog posts... or at least try to. And Goose played in SF? Damn... I'm so clueless.