Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Gems of Junk Wax, Pt. 42: 1992 Score #891 Rob Dibble "Dream Team"

Rob Dibble isn't one of my "binder guys".

In fact, he's only the second player I've featured in this theme that isn't granted access into the many nine-pocket pages that make up my collection.

Mr. Jehri-curl is the other.

Dibble pretty much cemented his fate of being "on the outside looking in" (at least when it comes to my collection) when he fired a baseball at Cubs player Doug Dascenzo in the seconds following a successful squeeze play. (It was also the same game where Andre Dawson famously erupted after an ejection. It was one crazy night at Wrigley.)

I feel that I have a good "photographic" memory. When I attend card shows, I can usually pick out which cards I already have and which ones I still need. Even with the "non-binder" guys, I can still tell you which ones I have amongst the "rubble" of doubles boxes in my room. (I know that awesome Tim Flannery card is around here somewhere.)

However, this one managed to sneak under my radar. To tell you the truth, I didn't even know I had it until yesterday.

Where it came from, I'll never know.

I went on a little "hunt" through my doubles/extras boxes to find some cards for a fellow blogger when I found this one in a long-forgotten stack of cards. (More on that dig through my extras in tonight's post.)

This one definitely stuck out amongst all my other "outcasts".

Judging from my baseball card preferences, I shouldn't like it.

For one thing, I absolutely despise studio shots. Without the baseball in Dibble's hand, I'd think he was a hatless member of the Blues Brothers.

While they're rarities, I'm not a huge supporter of cards that don't feature the guy's name on the front. I'm not great with faces, so I like to know whose card I'm looking at without having to flip the card over.

However, there's just something about this card that I like, so much so that I decided to feature it on my blog.

Maybe it's true what they say. Some things can be so bad that they're actually good, in a way.

Score's "Dream Team" subsets have to be amongst the oddest on record. Some are just awful. Some are actually pretty awesome. And some, like the ones of Rickey Henderson or Kirby Puckett...well, let's just say they show a little more than most baseball cards.

I don't know where Rob Dibble falls within those categories.

All I can tell you is that I do indeed enjoy having this card in my collection.

I'm not sure why, though.

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TTG said...

Whoa, I did a Dream Team post on the same day and had no idea. Great minds, I guess.