Tuesday, November 12, 2019

The (Second) Dime Box Frankenset, Page 57: Numbers 505-513

Frankenset Page #54 WINNER -- 1996 Collector's Choice #484 Rex Hudler (14 votes)

Card backs aren't usually the driving force behind my frankenset picks, but then again not many card backs feature a guy milking a cow.

Not surprisingly, last week's voting resulted in a rout, with the cow-milking Rex Hudler taking 14 of the 32 total tallies for the easy win -- no other card received more than four votes. From what I've heard about Hudler and his zany ways, it seems like a perfect card for him (though it might not even be his wackiest one).

At the end of it all, I'm just glad to be able to induct a card with a cow on it into my Gallery of Frankenset Champions, so thanks, good readers.

I counted this afternoon, and it looks like we only have eight pages left to show in the second frankenset(!), so let the countdown begin with one of the final eight: according to the Random Number Generator, Page 57 (#s 505-513) is up for grabs this week.

Let's meet the nominees.

1975 Topps #505 Chris Speier

Even seemingly mundane action looks great with '75 Topps. 

1995 Collector's Choice #506 Alex Fernandez 

Hugs and handshakes on my favorite Collector's Choice design.

1973 Topps #507 Darrel Chaney

The rare runner-fielder-umpire triumvirate. 

1995 Collector's Choice #508 Norberto Martin

A great double dip made even greater with all the Spring Training ads in the background. 

1981 Topps #509 Pete Mackanin

Fact: weak-hitting middle infielders are shown bunting on 99.9 percent of their baseball cards (or at least it sure seems that way).

1992 Leaf #510 Andy Allanson

Play at the plate! 

1994 Topps #511 Devon White

The one and only card I own of a dude reading his fan mail, and it's glorious.

2006 Upper Deck #512 Chris Reitsma

Signing for the youngins. 

1993 Upper Deck #513 Jose Lind

Second-base action, with a cameo from Kirk Gibson's male-pattern baldness.

That's it for this week's page. The polls are now on the sidebar.

Happy voting!


Mike said...

Gotta go with Devon!!

P-town Tom said...

Also going with Devon White, the former Peoria Sun minor leaguer.
That is a glorious card!

Brett Alan said...

I just love the cloud of blurriness which Speier's bat seems to have created!

Lee Hero said...

Tough one, but I'm going with the 75 Speier. That was the first 75 Topps card I ever owned as a kid, so it kinda has sentimental value to me.

Matt said...

Not only is Devon great because of the fan mail, but you gotta love all the clothes hanging up in the background!

Fuji said...

Do you watch Bob's Burgers? Can't look at the Hudler card without thinking of that song "Milkin' the cow, milkin' the cow".

Fuji said...

By the way... I voted for Martin. No way he landed on his feet at the end of that play.

gregory said...

Lots of good options this time. I'm going with Norberto Martin, because I appreciate how he's still tracking the throw even though he's been upended.