Tuesday, May 14, 2019

The (Second) Dime Box Frankenset, Page 56: Numbers 496-504

Frankenset Page #40 WINNER -- 1964 Topps #353 Wally Moon (13 votes)

'Twas a bit of a beatdown last week, unsurprisingly.

Wally Moon's Unibrow crushed the competition last week, collecting 13 of the 30 total votes en route to an easy victory. I suppose I've tried to avoid putting too many Moon cards in the frankenset, but fact is basically all of his cards are eligible thanks to that magnificent unibrow. Just so happened that '64 Topps gave us one of our greatest glimpses of it.

And thus the Unibrow earns its rightful place in the Second Gallery of Frankenset Champions.

Much thanks to everyone who voted on the last page considering I went the whole week without posting anything else on the blog (my bad).

I'll do my best to change that, but here's a new page in the meantime -- as per the Random Number Generator, Page 56 (#s 496-504) is up for grabs this week.

1991 Topps #496 Marty Barrett

Turning two on one of my very favorite Topps designs.

1994 Collector's Choice #497 Jay Bell

A cameo from The Wizard on this kinda violent double dip.

1998 Fleer Tradition #498 Gregg Olson

Slide, Olson, slide! 

2017 Topps #499 Danny Valencia

I can't help but hear "Y-M-C-A" whenever I look at this card. 

1994 Score #500 Chris Turner

Hero number play at the plate! 

1996 Fleer #501 Kevin Jordan

Double dipping on a relatively forgotten Fleer design. 

1989 Fleer #502 Steve Lyons

What a psycho. 

2002 Upper Deck #503 Tom Shearn

One hand, three balls (hehehehe). 

1993 Upper Deck #504 Brent Gates

The fourth double dip of the page, which I think might be some kind of record.

That's it for this week's page. The polls are now on the sidebar.

Happy voting!


Mike said...

Wow...this one is REALLY tough!..but the double safe card has both action and goofiness...so it gets my vote!

Johnnys Trading Spot said...

wow, I have to choose between the Bell, Olson, Valencia (which is in my Wacky files), and Shearn. Equally great cards.

acrackedbat said...

over-looking one of my least favorite designs of all time, I went with Valencia.

Fuji said...

I went with Valencia and the "synchronized safe" pose.

Matt said...

Valencia is the "safe" choice here!

Defenders50 said...

Man, some tough calls here. A brazen safe call. A missing bat. A guy with huge hands...

Also, isn't that a 1999 Fleer Tradition?

Tim said...

Gotta go with my favorite player The Wizard himself Ozzie Smith making a cameo in a double dip.