Monday, July 18, 2016

The dime box frankenset, Page 21: Numbers 181-189

Let's take a look at the results of last week's frankenset page.

Win -- 2012 Topps #172 Reed Johnson (12 votes)

Place -- 2000 Stadium Club Chrome #180 Ed Sprague (8 votes)

Show -- 2015 Stadium Club #175 Drew Stubbs (4 votes)

A handful of late votes pushed Reed Johnson over the top last week, as he collected 12 of the 30 total tallies (including mine) to take the crown.

Between the seagulls and the ivy, it's a quintessential Wrigley card.

I'm starting to get excited, because this is the second-to-last page before the big Frankenset Extravaganza Tournament bracket begins.

But before that, let's meet this week's nine.

2004 Topps #181 Jason Michaels

The classic Paul Bunyan glove.

1984 Fleer #182 Glenn Hubbard

One of those iconic pieces of cardboard, and perhaps the zaniest baseball card ever printed. 

2014 Stadium Club #183 Carlos Gomez

Carlos Gomez on the verge of making yet another spectacular grab. 

2010 Bowman #184 Erick Aybar

Turning two over A-Rod. 

1993 Upper Deck #185 Tony Pena

What else can be said about 1993 Upper Deck? 

1972 Topps #186 Ron Bryant IA

Vintage action is the best action. 

1997 New Pinnacle #187 Denny Neagle EMW

Spreading a little peace in the Land of the Rising Sun. 

1999 Ultra Gold Medallion #188G Jeff Shaw

Stretching in front of a golden Dodger Stadium backdrop (the parallel is a placeholder if/when I ever track down the base version).

1981 Donruss #189 Pete Vuckovich

We close with a semi-fitting pitcher at the plate, considering Mr. Vuckovich portrayed slugger Clu Haywood in the first Major League film.

The polls are now on the sidebar.

Happy voting!


JediJeff said...

It may not win, but that Aybar is easily in the Top 10 of greatest DP cards printed. That, folks, is what you call framing. Something Topps has completely abandoned.

Anonymous said...

I saw the first card and instantly though "Winner winner chicken dinner". I've loved that Jason Michaels card since it came out.

The I went to the second card and said "Oh... maybe I shouldn't rush into that..."

(but I voted for the Big Glove anyway)

Tony Burbs said...

This might be my favorite page in the entire set - I don't know if I can narrow this one down!

xavier higgins said...

Glenn "Bad Mother" Hubbard sticks out on a stacked 9 pocket line-up; a veritable Murderers Row of cardboard iconography. Props for knowledge dropped concerning "Vük" being cast as the heel in Major league. #JunkWaxGems

sg488 said...

Love those Candlestick Park shots gotta go with Bryant.