Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Jammin' with Jeff

It's been a while since I did anything music-related on the blog.

I've noticed more bloggers running with the musical themes as of late, and although it'll always be cards-first around here, I always like working some tunes into my ramblings about baseball cards every now and then. I figure some cards from my buddy Jeff of "2x3 Heroes" fame is as good an opportunity as any since he works songs into nearly all of his posts.

The cards you'll see here are a mashup of quite a few various PWEs and packages Jeff has been gracious enough to send my way over the past few months, led off by a beautiful cracked ice parallel of Negro League legend Buck Leonard.

I still get nostalgic over that feeling I got busting packs of Panini Cooperstown, even though it seems so long ago now...

I still haven't found an efficient way to store these disc-shaped inserts, but I'm always happy to receive them nonetheless.

Because circular baseball cards are just plain fun.

Jeff and I share an affinity for Golden Age, and he was nice enough to send a couple inserts (presumably dupes) from the also-defunct Panini brand my way.

Now enjoy this (NSFW) song from the spectacular Baseball Project about Ted F***ing Williams.

Panini has been known to include turn-of-the-century starts like Dan Brouthers in their checklists, and I commend them for that.

I doubt it'll ever happen, but I'd throw a party if Topps or Panini or whoever would toss an all 19th-century set out there.

Jeff's always been one of the premier set-killers around the blogs, and he certainly filled in some of my 2015 gaps with singles from Opening Day, Heritage, and Flagship here.

Needs no longer.

Jeff really went to town with my 2015 Gypsy Queen lists.

GQ might miss the mark for me, but, much like bands that do great covers, I like the idea of Topps paying homage to old-time baseball card sets.

I've become Jeff's de facto trader when it comes to spare Julio Franco cards, and I'm fine with that because I get a huge kick out of collecting the guy.

In addition to being a hit for my throwback mini-collection, the Lowrie is a Bowman International parallel that honors Jed's Oregon roots. In trying to come up with a song to honor that, I learned that my personal favorite garage rock song ever was done by a band from Oregon.

Who knew.

Jeff kept the mini-collection train moving with this new autograph hit.

And here's the only song I could think of with the word "autograph" in the lyrics.

A couple themed GQ hits here, and the Hosmer is especially welcome since I recently decided to start collecting the recent All-Star Game MVP.

There's little denying the guy's a bonafide star now.

Closing things out is an oversized tip of the cap from the Ryan Express, which pretty much represents my gratitude towards Jeff for hand-picking all these nifty hits for my binders.

Jeff's one of the few bloggers who doesn't live too far from where I'm located, and we've even hit a few card shows together in the past. Here's hoping I can get a weekend off sometime soon to have another little blogger meet-up filled with good times and discount bins.

Until then, we'll just have to live through trade packages and 2x3 heroes on the computer screen.


JediJeff said...

I still have no idea what that Ryan "card" is, but what I know is that it fit oddball, and it was a dime.

Winner winner chicken dinner.

Mike said...

Cool cards and cool tunes!!!