Sunday, November 30, 2014

The dime box frankenset, Page 40: Numbers 352-360

Last week's frankenset voting was a laugher.

Win -- 1991 Ultra #351 Geno Petralli (15 votes)

Place -- 1995 Stadium Club #343 Jaime Navarro (4 votes)

Show (tie) -- 1993 Upper Deck #346 Devon White, 1995 Upper Deck #347 Mike Blowers (3 votes each)

In what might be the biggest blowout we've seen so far, Geno Petralli (and the unsuspecting photographer) ran away with the win last week. He took exactly half of the 30 total votes, and ended up with eleven more than his next closest competitor.

I was actually one of the few who didn't vote for the eventual victor. While I had a feeling Petralli would win by a wide margin, something about that digital clock in the background on the '95 UD Mike Blowers fascinates me. Only two other people agreed with me on that one.

Still, it was definitely a well-deserved win for Mr. Petralli.

Hopefully this week's frankenset voting will be a bit closer.

We only have eight contestants on this page, as I still haven't found a card to occupy the #360 slot yet.

Let's meet the nominees.

1997 Upper Deck #352 Kirt Manwaring

Another legendary appearance from the Frankenset MVP himself, Kirt Manwaring. 

1997 Topps #353 Charlie O'Brien

The beautiful backdrop is what really makes this autograph shot so special.

1994 Stadium Club #354 Pat Listach

Web Gem! 

1992 Leaf #355 Luis Rivera

I still can't decide if whoever cropped this shot is a moron or a genius.

I'm leaning towards genius. 

1995 Upper Deck #356 Pat Rapp

Pitcher at the plate! 

2014 Topps #357 Lorenzo Cain

A sparkling catch from the newest Kansas City fan favorite.

1997 Topps #358 Chad Mottola

That has to sting. 

1996 Stadium Club #359 Robby Thompson

We close up shop this week with a terrific Wrigley Field double dip.

The polls are now on sidebar.

Happy voting!


shlabotnikreport said...

The Skydome roof is open, and Charlie O'Brien goes on my wantlist. That's good enough for my vote.

Hackenbush said...

I'd go with Kirt.

The Junior Junkie said...

Tough call...

Ana Lu said...

Luis Rivera because I vote for the genius crop.

Matthew Scott said...

I'm a sucker for homerun robbery.