Sunday, November 23, 2014

The dime box frankenset, Page 39: Numbers 343-351

We have a dime box frankenset first.

Last week's round of voting resulted in a tie between Derek Norris and Scott Servais. Each received six of the 28 total tallies. We've never had a tie before, so I wasn't quite sure how to settle the dispute.

My plan is this. I'm asking the first three people to read this post to comment on their choice between either Norris or Servais. The card that gets two (or all three) of the bonus votes will win the frankenset crown. (I, for the record, voted for Servais.)

I'll update the final results once the dust settles and we decide on a victor.

EDIT: We now have a winner!

Win -- 2013 Topps #334 Derek Norris (6 votes + tie-breaking vote)

Place -- 1995 Topps #342 Scott Servais (6 votes)

Show -- 1998 Ultra Gold Medallion #340G Desi Relaford (5 votes)

In the meantime, I'm proud to present the next page of frankenset inductees.

Let's see if we can get those vote totals back over 30 for this week's group.

Here they are.

1995 Stadium Club #343 Jaime Navarro

Jaime Navarro and his chopper will not be parted. 

1991 Bowman #344 Melido Perez

A rare frankenset appearance from Bowman thanks to a terrific Sox throwback.

2000 Upper Deck #345 Ismael Valdes

Pitcher at the plate!

1993 Upper Deck #346 Devon White

Posing in front of the beautiful backdrop of Yankee Stadium.

Oh, and Decal Day is on July 1st, in case you were wondering.

1995 Upper Deck #347 Mike Blowers

Do you have the time, Mike Blowers?

1994 Upper Deck #348 Armando Reynoso

Proof that a pitcher has crossed home plate at least once in big league history.

1992 Fleer #349 Steve Avery

Yet another pitcher at the plate.

1995 Collector's Choice Silver Signature #350 Andy Benes

How 'bout one more? 

1991 Ultra #351 Geno Petralli

That poor photographer wants no part of this foul pop.

The polls for this page are now on the sidebar. Help break the tie from last week's frankenset group as well!

Happy voting!


buckstorecards said...

I was ready to vote for Reynoso, then on Perez the uniform is spectacular enough to distract from the jheri curl. That's quite the feat.

Oh, and Norris.

Jordan said...

Scott Servais was my vote in the poll last week. kind of hoping it breaks the tie.

Mike said...

I voted and now again vote Norris

Mark Hoyle said...


Tony L. said...

Too bad it wasn't best three of 5, b/c I would have said Servais.

Love these weird photos, by the way.

P-town Tom said...

It looks like Reynoso is about ready to trip over the catcher's mask!

Matthew Scott said...

Loving that Petralli

Ana Lu said...

Obvious i t has to be the Geno Petralli! I have that card and is simply great! It's one of those that you really feel the action going on.

The Junior Junkie said...

I save every copy I find of that Petralli. I think I have like a billion now.

Adam Kaningher said...

Reynoso swung a decent bat for a pitcher. He also had a superb pickoff move - he led the majors in Pickoffs three times.