Sunday, November 16, 2014

The dime box frankenset, Page 38: Numbers 334-342

Upset alert!

Win -- 2008 Upper Deck #326 Justin Maxwell (13 votes)

Place -- 2011 Topps Update #US-329 Dee Gordon (10 votes)

Show -- 2013 Topps #330 Ryan Raburn (3 votes)

As far as I'm concerned, last week's frankenset page featured the biggest surprise we've seen thus far. I thought Dee Gordon and Ryan Raburn would battle it out to the finish.

In the end, I was just one of three people to vote for Raburn, and Gordon ended up being overtaken by the underdog Justin Maxwell. Maxwell received 13 of the 31 total votes and pretty much led the way the entire week. He's also the fourth straight horizontal champ we've seen.

It's good to know that people appreciate the sheer oddity of what is a wild and crazy baseball card.

We're now fully into the "Series 2" portion (numbers 331 and up) of this frankenset.

Let's meet our next nine nominees.

2013 Topps #334 Derek Norris

A celebration shot made even more fascinating by the curious case of the little man.

1996 Score #335 "Jeff" Greenwell

Excuse me, Score, but who is Jeff Greenwell?

I think you mean Mike Greenwell.

1998 Collector's Choice #336 Jaime Navarro

A baseball card of a guy signing baseball cards. 

1999 Topps #337 John Burkett

AL pitcher at the plate!

1996 Upper Deck #338 Pat Rapp

A more common shot of a NL pitcher taking his hacks.

2014 Topps #339 Cody Ross

A botched play at the plate that's sure to upset Dodger fans. 

1998 Ultra Gold Medallion #340G Desi Relaford

An odd angle for a bunting pose, isn't it? 

1992 Upper Deck #341 Glenn Braggs

Yet another play at the plate appearance from Kirt Manwaring, this time as a cameo to baserunner Glenn Braggs.

1995 Topps #342 Scott Servais

We close with a psychedelic take on the whole multiple-exposure concept by Topps.

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Happy voting!


buckstorecards said...

I can't vote against the 2/14 baby, but that swing is exactly what I expect from an AL pitcher at the plate card.

Matthew Scott said...

I have to vote for AL pitcher at the plate. That card perfectly sums up a pitcher batting.