Mondays with Hoyt

Hall of Fame knuckleballer Hoyt Wilhelm was the subject of very first player collection.

In this theme, I'll be showing off a piece of my collection of his in each post. Between base cards, vintage, oddballs, it's got it all!

Tune in for a new episode of "Mondays with Hoyt" every week!

Here's what I've shown so far:

Episode 1: "Pilot"
Episode 2: "Memories"
Episode 5: "Community"
Episode 6: "Taking Action"
Episode 7: "Three Games"
Episode 8: "Poser"
Episode 9: "All-Star Edition"
Episode 10: "Out of the Way"
Episode 12: "Detective Work"
Episode 13: "Showdown"
Episode 15: "(Not So) Unique"

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