Monday, October 15, 2012

Mondays with Hoyt, Episode 20

2005 Reflections Turquoise #198 Hoyt Wilhelm LGD /50

For the most part, it seems like the Topps Update posts have come and gone around the blogosphere.

Most bloggers (including myself) have already busted a few packs and posted their thoughts on the matter. 

For me, the end of the Update phase only means one thing.

Time to start looking forward to 2013 Topps.

The designs have been up and down lately, but I can't help getting excited over the brand new flagship release every single year.

I have to stop and remind myself that it's still October. There's no use getting all hyped up about it now.

Still, there's one thing that already has me intrigued about 2013 Topps. 

The pink parallels.

According to what I've seen, they won't exactly be common, as each is numbered to just fifty copies.

The usage of pink isn't anything new in the hobby, but I'm pretty sure this is the first time we've seen it in parallel form.

It leaves me wondering what colors we haven't seen used as a parallel theme. If you look closely, cardboard can be quite the spectrum of colors.

The array of different refractors took care of everything from silver to the yellow-bordered "retrofractors".

UD Heroes pretty much took care of the rest. While it did involve the surprisingly nice shades of navy blue and emerald, it also utilized some colors that don't exactly translate well to cardboard, such as brown and beige.

Even turquoise is no stranger to the world of baseball cards. This week's "Mondays with Hoyt" subject is easily one of the nicest issues in my collection of his. It's also the only turquoise-themed card I own.

It leaves me wanting more.

That's just the thing.

Perhaps card companies have gotten a bit carried away with the colored parallels lately. But I don't care.

Parallels are one of my "weaknesses" in this hobby. Whether they're gold or copper or sea green, I always find myself wanting more.

I can't get enough.

So, what do I say to pink parallels?

Bring 'em on.

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