Tuesday, December 17, 2019

The (Second) Dime Box Frankenset, Page 59: Numbers 523-531

Frankenset Page #38 WINNER -- 1973 Topps #334 Freddie Patek (11 votes)

I feel bad for the other cards that have to be featured on any page with '73 Topps.

It's proven darn near impossible to take down '73 Topps, and last week stuck with the trend: this brilliant Freddie Patek led the whole way, taking 11 of the 35 total votes and staving off a late rush from Jeff King (9 votes) for the victory. Amazingly, it's the ninth different card from '73 Topps to win a page.

Let's just call it the Evil Empire of the second frankenset.

Last week, I said we were down to the last three pages of the frankenset, but that's wrong: I miscounted and it turns out there's only two left -- we're almost there!

As per the Random Number Generator, Page 59 (#s 523-531) becomes the penultimate page of the binder, so let's meet the nominees.

1994 Upper Deck #523 Ryan Hancock

Ryan Hancock ceased to be a top prospect when scouts realized he was actually throwing fruit to opposing batters instead of baseballs. 

1995 Topps #524 Ricky Gutierrez

An extreme close-up made even cooler since you can see the photographer in the reflection of Ricky's shades. 

1995 Score #525 Kent Mercker


1995 Topps #526 Gregg Jefferies

Autographs galore. 

2016 Topps #527 Jordy Mercer


1970 O-Pee-Chee #528 Elrod Hendricks

In the crouch (and yes, I somehow have the OPC of this without the regular ol' Topps version).

1993 Upper Deck #529 Jeff Parrett

So a horse walks into a bar, and the bartender says WHY THE LONG FACE?! 

2012 Topps #530 Cliff Pennington

Two mini-collection hits for the price of one. 

1992 Pinnacle #531 Dave Silvestri

A mess of limbs and dirt that looks just plain painful for all parties involved.

That's it for this week's page. The polls are now on the sidebar.

Happy voting!


Johnnys Trading Spot said...

Mercker all the way. Definitely not your everyday baseball card.

Mike said...

Another tough one!...got it narrowed down to two..hmmmm...

P-town Tom said...

I'm with Johnnys Trading Spot on this decision. Definitely a unique photo!

gcrl said...

that Silvestri card reminds of the 1980 topps tim foli card. awkward!

Matt said...

Though one this time - a few worthy cards here. Parrett's laugh gets my vote.

gregory said...

I'll go with the Gregg Jefferies card.

Fuji said...

As painful as it might have been for Silvestri... I actually feel worse for the Mets dude. That card earned my vote.