Thursday, August 16, 2018

The (Second) Dime Box Frankenset, Page 49: Numbers 433-441

Frankenset Page #24 WINNER -- 1970 Topps #213 Andy Etchebarren (9 votes)

While there isn't a ton of vintage in my frankenset, the ones that do make it tend to win their respective pages, and this latest group stuck to the trend.

Andy Etchebarren and his trusty lumber overcame an early deficit to win last week, collecting nine of the 29 total votes. I probably would've given the '18 Stadium Club Dillon Peters the nod myself, but it's hard to argue against a vintage bat-rack shot.

Especially one with a random suit-and-tied dude in the background.

The trusty Random Number Generator spit out #49, so we'll be taking a look at Page 49 of the frankenset this week (#s 433-441).

Let's see who we're dealing with.

1996 Score #433 Bobby Jones

I've long been a sucker for these blurred-hitter images, a la the '76 Seaver

1996 Upper Deck #434 Al Martin

Sometimes I think humans of the technological age are born with the innate need to ruin other people's pictures. 

1981 Topps #435 Jim Spencer

A fun post-home run shot from '81 Topps (and is that a Graig Nettles cameo?).

2014 Topps #436 Eric Young Jr.

A wickedly fun card that shows us two different plays developing at once. 

1995 Collector's Choice #437 John Roper

A terrific pitcher at the plate shot from my personal favorite edition of Collector's Choice. 

2016 Topps #438 Paulo Orlando

Lost within the Gatorade shower. 

1980 Topps #439 Mike Phillips

One of the older double play cards I own. 

1999 Fleer Tradition #440 Jeremi Gonzalez

Pitcher Jeremi Gonzalez did the impossible -- he got on base! 

1992 Classic Best #441 Troy Penix

Two things: 1) I can't think of another "medical attention" card off the top of my head, and 2) this dude has one unfortunate last name.

That does it for this week's page. The polls are now on the sidebar.

Happy voting!


flywheels said...

I vote for the 2014 Eric Young

P-town Tom said...

I'll take the old school double dip even if it is of a Cardinals player.

Mike said...

Always go with the unsuspecting devil horns above head!

Mark Hoyle said...

I like that Bobby Jones

Brett Alan said...

I don't usually vote for horizontal cards, but damn that Eric Young Jr. is sweet. Props to the Mike Phillips, too.

Matt said...

Al Martin's bunny ears for the win!

Robert said...

Bobby Jones for me, a great shot IMO

Defenders50 said...

Much less a DH needing medical attention card!