Saturday, July 7, 2012

Dime Box Heroes: Feelin' vintage

1969 Topps #360 Jim Wynn

Given the title of this blog and my past writings, my readers already know just how much I love the wonderful world of dime boxes.

My readers probably also know how much I love vintage as well. (But then again, who doesn't love vintage?)

If there are any negatives to dime boxes, I'd say the only one is that vintage doesn't cross their paths a whole lot. 

That's only logical, though. It's tough to find the hidden greatness that lies within so many of the dime cards I've bought over the years. 

On the other side of the coin, it's easy to spot a 43 year-old card within a stack of cards from the past couple decades.

Now, in my mind, some of you are wondering:

"Nick, what's the oldest card you've ever found in a dime box? Please, do tell!"

One, I doubt you were thinking that while reading this post. Two, there are a couple of candidates, depending on your definition of what a "dime box" is.

Ironically, I didn't even find the oldest discount box card in my collection. Out of my many travels in this hobby, it's probably my favorite of them all. 

It was a 1960 Topps Whitey Ford that my dad actually found for me in the unlikeliest of places. But I've already written about that.

As you might guess, my oldest find from a dime box at your everyday card show is also one of my favorites.

Interestingly, it came during a brief period of time where I wasn't even all that interested in vintage. (What can I say? I was dumb.)

This one, along with a few others, played a major part in roping me back into the vintage market. 

I've always been a Jim Wynn fan, no matter what I've collected over the years. This particular issue of the "Toy Cannon" was one of my first big additions to my collection of his. It's certainly one of the cheapest as well.

Without this card, I might not have ever found the love for vintage that I currently have.

That would've been a tragedy.

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Zayden said...

That is awesome. I kind of like the 69 design. I have a couple from that year as well. While I still havent really gotten into vintage a whole I certainly appreciate and respect them very much.