Thursday, June 7, 2012

Half a year

It gives me tremendous pleasure to announce the following:

Today is the six-month anniversary of this blog.

It all started on the night of December 7th, when I put the finishing touches on my first ever blog post. Since then, I've completed 364 more posts (including this one), and I'm still going strong.

I've loved the experience so far, and I don't foresee a point where it would be any different. It's allowed me to express my love and passion towards the hobby in any way I want. No structure, no deadlines, no grades. Just me, my keyboard, and baseball cards.

It's perfect.

When I was in the process of starting this blog, I wasn't quite sure what to name it. I had a few possibilities rattling around in my head, but nothing stood out. To speed up the process, I asked myself this question:

"What do I love most about collecting baseball cards?"

The answer invariably came back, "Dime boxes."

It perfectly fit what I wanted to accomplish with this blog, and I even threw in "The Low-End Baseball Card Collector's Journey" for good measure, as that's precisely what I am.

The search for a name was over.

I hope I've at least provided a little inspiration to appreciate cards that otherwise might go unnoticed, and perhaps even convince a few collectors to dig through a dime box here and there.

How many other cards feature a guy holding a baseball bat in his teeth? Besides Josh Hamilton's 2009 Topps 206 issue, probably none.

Which is why it's my favorite Josh Hamilton card, without a doubt. There's nothing else like it.

And none of it would've been possible without all my readers and followers. While we don't often like to admit it, the comments and compliments are a great part our desires to blog. 

It's certainly been true in my case. I probably would've thrown in the blogging towel a while back had I not had any readership or comments. 

My readers have all been fantastic, adding great comments and thoughts to almost all of my posts along the way. 

Whether you've been reading from the beginning or just found my blog yesterday, I'd like to personally thank everyone who has commented or even simply read my writing thus far. 

It means a lot.


The Diamond King said...

Congrats! It's a great blog.

BA Benny said...

Congrats on 6 months. I started reading your stuff a few weeks ago upon my return to Blogoland and really enjoy your stuff. I too am a binder guy as well, no point in boxing away stuff.

AdamE said...

I love the blog. You and Night Owl are the two blogs I make sure to read every day. Yeah there are a dozen others who I read every post of but youu two I make sure to take the time out every day to read, no back issues for me here. Congrats on a half year.

AdamE said...

By the way I can't think of another bat in mouth card but there is a Wakefield ball in mouth card.

eltoro2012 said...

Congrats on 6 months. I don't comment often but I make sure to read the blog daily. Your posts are always interesting and worth the read.

Spankee said...

Congrats on half a year. I had the opposite problem with naming the blog. I had the name for a while, I just didn't know that I could come up with enough blog content to support it.

Hackenbush said...

Conrats,on six big ones Nick. Always great cards and stories.