Tuesday, July 2, 2019

The (Second) Dime Box Frankenset, Page 7: Numbers 55-63

Frankenset Page #29 WINNER -- 1977 Topps #255 George Scott (13 votes)

Last week's page was packed with great cards, but I kinda had a feeling George Scott -- and his sharktooth necklace -- would win without much of a fight.

Turns out my assumptions were correct: Scott ran away with the crown, taking 13 of the 36 total votes for an easy victory. The next closest competitors were Marcus Armas and Jose Lind, who accumulated just five tallies apiece.

I don't know that I've ever seen a sharktooth necklace in person (are they still a thing?), but they're certainly arresting to see on a baseball card.

The Random Number Generator was nice enough to bequeath a fine low-numbered page to us this week -- we'll be looking at Page 7 (#s 55-63) on the blog here tonight.

Let's meet the nominees.

1972 Topps #55 Clyde Wright

I like to believe this shot was taken during the same photo session that produced Billy Cowan's immortal '72 Topps card (the king of my first frankenset, as you may recall).

1972 Topps #56 Rich Chiles

A one-two punch from '72 Topps -- this one wins my heart because it's the type of serene portrait you just don't see on today's cards. 

1994 UD All-Time Heroes #57 Jerry Coleman

Violent vintage double dip!

2008 Bowman Prospects #BP58 Scott Van Slyke

["Sweet Georgia Brown" plays]

1994 Score Rookie/Traded #RT59 Tony Pena

Overshadowed by the umpire. 

 1976 Topps #60 Jerry Reuss

A '70s Topps classic.

2018 Stadium Club #61 Anthony Rendon

On deck at Nats Park. 

2003 BBM Traded #T62 Kentaro Sekimoto

Turning two in Japan. 

1994 Collector's Choice #63 Ryan Bowen

Pitchers hitting aren't often given the horizontal treatment, which makes this card a gleeful change of pace.

That's it for this week's page. The polls are now on the sidebar.

Happy voting!


Mike said...

Wow..GREAT page!...i'm going to do something i've never done before on here..hold my vote until tomorrow and think it over!

Bo said...

On the Coleman card, the best part is not the double-dip but that face he is making in the inset photo.

Matt said...

Tough choice between a great black and white photo and a guy balancing a helmet on his fingers...

Brett Alan said...

Great page indeed. The Wright, Reuss, and Sakimoto are all fantastic cards.

gregory said...

1994 Collector's Choice Ryan Bowen. Cool card.

Fuji said...

Tough choice. Came down to Coleman, Van Slyke, and Kentaro. My final vote goes to Coleman.

The Shlabotnik Report said...

None of the cards were head above shoulders as *cards*, so I went with the exotic choice and chose the BBM card.

Jeremy said...

I love the 84 throwback cards, mainly because I think the 84 design was so fantastic. It's got more of a hockey look than a baseball look, though.

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