Tuesday, March 5, 2019

The (Second) Dime Box Frankenset, Page 60: Numbers 532-540

Frankenset Page #35 WINNER -- 1995 Upper Deck #312 Steve Buechele (15 votes)

Well that was a rout.

Steve Buechele & Son massacred the competition last week, taking 15 of the 31 total tallies to cruise to an easy frankenset win. No other nominee received more than three votes -- I don't know whether it was the Buechele being a great card or nothing else on the page standing out much (perhaps a little of both), but the competition ended up being a laugher on all fronts.

Welcome to the gallery, Buechele family.

I have a feeling we might be in for another blowout this week, but I've certainly been wrong before.

As per the almighty Random Number Generator, we'll be looking at Page 60 (#s 532-540) in the frankenset here tonight -- let's meet the hopefuls.

2017 Topps #532 Eduardo Nunez

Diving at Dodger Stadium. 

1975 Topps #533 Rudy Meoli

To the heavens. 

1988 Topps #534 John Wathan

Kind of an oddity, in that you don't often see managers wearing batting helmets. 

1985 Fleer #535 Tom Foley

Double dip! 

1993 Upper Deck #536 Kevin Young

Scampering in the mud. 

1992 Score #537 Andy Allanson

I just love how the baseball's floating on the Score logo. 

2014 Topps #538 Jon Jay

Primetime high-five.

1996 Collector's Choice #539 Steve Reed

The sidewinder sleeps tonite. 

2013 Topps #540 Michael Bourn

I like when cards honoring fielding feats actually, you know, show the dude fielding.

That's it for this week's page. The polls are now on the sidebar.

Happy voting!


Mike said...

I dunno which one you think will win by a distance this week..but manager in a helmet?..yes!!

Your R.E.M. reference,while cool,did not sway my vote!

Fuji said...

Lots of great action on this page. I'm gonna go with the one featuring Templeton repping my favorite Padres jersey of all-time.

Matt said...

That Allison card has an almost "breaking the forth wall" feel to it...

Timothy Thomas said...

Jon Jay up top with a Matt Holiday cameo.

shoeboxlegends said...

All great cards but Meoli, Meoli, Meoli!!!