Tuesday, January 8, 2019

The (Second) Dime Box Frankenset, Page 5: Numbers 37-45

Frankenset Page #50 WINNER -- 1994 Stadium Club #448 Erik Pappas (13 votes)

For my money, this is the biggest upset I've seen since the restart of these frankenset posts.

I thought the '71 Topps Art Shamsky would cruise to an easy win with everyone else long in the rearview mirror, as is the case with most classic vintage that pops up in my frankenset. But it wasn't to be: Erik Pappas jumped out to an early lead and never let go, taking the victory with 13 of the 38 total tallies, leaving Shamsky (10 votes) and the also-surprising Curt Leskanic (7 votes) in the dust.

That's why I'm such a fan of these frankenset posts, and the people who vote on them: you never know when they're gonna surprise you.

Could another upset be on the horizon this week?

Perhaps: the Random Number Generator spit out #5 (the lowest-numbered page yet!), so we'll be taking a look at that page (#s 37-45) here today -- let's meet the nominees.

1995 Upper Deck #37 Pat Hentgen

An impossibly rare post-DH/pre-interleague pitcher at the plate sighting. 

1973 Topps #38 Mike Epstein


1995 Upper Deck Minors #39 Matt Brunson

Minor league double dip! 

1972 Topps #40 Bob Barton

There's no way that cop in the background was an accident. 

2016 Topps #41 Josh Harrison


1972 Topps #42 Tommy Davis

A little more "action" here than on the aforementioned Bob Barton card, I think. 

1999 Stadium Club #43 Rico Brogna

I get a distinct "Pigpen" from Peanuts vibe whenever I look at this card. 

2010 Upper Deck #44 Augie Ojeda

A card so nice Upper Deck apparently forgot they weren't allowed to use logos in 2010. 

1986 Fleer #45 Darrell Porter

Color-coordinated glasses are the best glasses.

That's it for this week's frankenset page. The polls are now on the sidebar.

Happy voting!


Kin said...

I love that Hentgen! Like you said, the pre-interleague AL pitcher batting, an underrated card design and the image is great (and well framed).

Definitely my favorite card of the post.


Mike said...

Two '72s and a '73!?...decisions!

John Miller said...

oh so close. I was initially going with the Epstein (due to the awesome shadow), but the missed logo appearances on the Ojeda gets my vote.

Fuji said...

9 out of 10 times I pick the vintage Oakland Athletic featuring a solid action shot. But today... I'm going with the Matt Brunson. Never heard of the guy, but dang... that's some serious photography.

Brett Alan said...

That's a whole lot of horizontal for one page. Has anyone done an all-horizontal Frankenset?

Zippy Zappy said...


Or it would be if the card wasn't surrounded by all that smoke.

GTT said...

I loved that '73 Epstein but I actually collect cards with cops in the background.

Bo said...

UD was kind of hit-or-miss with the logos in 2010. There are other cards where you can see the logo reasonably clearly too.

I think I've gotten several copies of that Barton card lately, and hadn't noticed the cop.

I just got the Tommy Davis card this weekend, and my first thought was, "Tommy Davis was a Yankee"?

Btw I'm not voting for any of the above, picking the Epstein myself.

P-town Tom said...

I'll go with the minor league double-dip... it's like he's flying!

Timothy Thomas said...

Pre-interleague AL pitcher batting FTW