Wednesday, January 30, 2019

The (Second) Dime Box Frankenset, Page 67: Numbers 595-603

Frankenset Page #55 WINNER -- 1991 Upper Deck #492 Geno Petralli (11 votes)

Last week's page was one of those groups where I had absolutely no clue who was gonna win.

The running went neck-and-neck right up until the end, with Geno Petralli and his 11 votes (of 35 total) pulling out a narrow win over Vada Pinson (9 votes) and Steve Nicosia (8 votes). I've studied this page for a week now and I'm still not sure who I'd personally vote for, but Geno here is definitely a classic, and he joins a small group of players who've won pages in both of my frankensets.

It's the rare case where the hobby guides my fandom, rather than vice versa: I doubt I would've ever heard of Geno Petralli had it not been for his great baseball cards.

The Random Number Generator spit out #67, so we'll be taking a look at that high-numbered page (#s 595-603) in the binder this week.

Let's meet the nominees.

1992 Upper Deck #595 Brian Holman

I don't officially collect mound meeting shots, but they make for fun (though slightly claustrophobic) cards. 

1994 Score #596 Steve Scarsone

You'd be kicked out of the game for sliding like that these days. 

1988 Score #597 Jose Lind

Double dip + ivy + Ryno cameo = one fantastic baseball card. 

1993 Upper Deck #598 Rick Wilkins

Lunging for naught. 

1976 SSPC #599 Wayne Simpson

Here comes a trio of minor leaguers who popped up in the 1976 SSPC checklist for some reason -- firstly Wayne Simpson, who'd be out of the bigs just a year after this card was issued.

1976 SSPC #600 Erskine Thomason

Perhaps the most curious inclusion in the '76 SSPC checklist (and, ironically, one of its few hero numbers) is Erskine Thomason, whose major league career consisted of exactly one game with the 1974 Phillies. 

1976 SSPC #601 Ike Hampton

Though Ike Hampton isn't a household name (he hung around as a backup infielder with the Angels until 1979), something about this card strikes me as quintessentially '70s.

1991 Upper Deck #602 Bruce Hurst

Back to the big-leaguers with this autograph shot -- and one of the few I've seen to feature the coveted box of baseballs itself. 

1969 Topps #603 Joe Keough

Joe Keough and his trusty lumber make this a rare four-decade frankenset page.

That just about does it for this week's group. The polls are now on the sidebar.

Happy voting!


P-town Tom said...

Ryno cameo for the win!

Mike said...

Love the SSPC cards but the Lind is a perfect shot

Matt said...

Going with Hurst, only because it's a shot you don't see much at all.

Fuji said...

Lind & Sandberg received my vote.

The Shlabotnik Report said...

I went with my heart and voted for the Mets minor leaguer, Ike Hampton.

Now that I'm going through my 80's cards, I'm realizing how many Ryno cameos there are... Much more than I'd expected.