Thursday, August 2, 2018

The (Second) Dime Box Frankenset, Page 44: Numbers 388-396

Frankenset Page #47 WINNER -- 1993 Upper Deck #415 Denny Neagle (11 votes)

The Frankenset is back up and running, and our first champ is none other than Field of Dreams reject Denny Neagle, who won handily with 11 of the 27 total votes.

Hard to argue with the winner here, and Neagle will take his rightful place under the Gallery of Frankenset Champions tab (along with all the victors from the original Dime Box Frankenset).

One page down, 73 to go: the random number generator spit out #44, so we'll be taking a look at Page 44 (numbers 388-396) this week.

Let's see who we're dealing with.

1997 Score #388 John Smiley

A perfect card for a guy with a last name like Smiley. 

1996 Stadium Club #389 Rey Sanchez

Double dipping at Wrigley. 

1972 Topps #390 Willie Davis

This is one of those cards that speaks to me in a weird way I can't quite articulate.

1989 Upper Deck #391 Frank Tanana

I've never officially collected "ball bucket" cards, but they're frequent visitors in the frankenset. 

1991 Stadium Club #392 Alex Cole ERR

Actually pictured: Otis Nixon (nice going, Topps!). 

1988 Score #393 Mike Young

Talk about a perfectly timed photo. 

2004 Upper Deck #394 Tony Armas

The only horizontal of the page, but it's a beauty. 

1997 Upper Deck #395 Ramon Martinez

Long live hitting pitchers! 

2001 UD Victory #396 Wilton Guerrero

A mere mortal in the shadow of the stadium.

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Happy voting!


Mike said...

Tough to pick only one this week!

Brett Alan said...

What Mike said. I was sure that I was going to vote for the Davis until I saw that Guerrero. That's a really great card; it shows the majesty of the grandstand, but unlike many cards that do so, it doesn't obscure the player or only show the back of his head.

P-town Tom said...

Yeah, the Neagle stood out last week. This one is not easy. I'm kind of partial to the horizontal, but the Wilton is nice too.

shoeboxlegends said...

That Wilton Guerrero is a work of art!

John Miller said...

That Neagle is great. I missed the vote, sorry, but it would've been Neagle.

Adam Kaningher said...

Lots of Marlins cameos this week.

Fuji said...

I opened up a ton of 1988 Score back in the day. Have no clue how I missed that Young. Great photo. It received my vote.

Defenders50 said...

I find the inherent joke of the John Smiley card and the oddness of the Frank Tanana card difficult to choose between, and that's before the Wilton Guerrero masterpiece that looks like something modern day Stadium Club would do.