Monday, June 27, 2016

The dime box frankenset, Page 18: Numbers 154-162


Let's see how last week's frankenset voting turned out.

Win -- 1981 Fleer #148 Ellis Valentine (10 votes)

Place -- 1993 Upper Deck #150 Orlando Merced (6 votes)

Show -- 2014 Topps Update #US-153 Kurt Suzuki AS (5 votes)

Between the photographers' well, the multi-colored shirts in the crowd, and the post-swing action shot, Ellis Valentine's 1981 Fleer card is something of a masterpiece, and it gained my vote last week. The masses agreed with me, as Valentine collected ten of the 29 total tallies to earn the crown.

A well-deserved win.

We're back with a new page of contestants this week.

Let's meet them.

1997 Upper Deck #154 Mickey Morandini

Heading to third with a head of steam. 

1992 Bowman #155 Kevin Young

Nothing about this photo looks natural. 

1993 Upper Deck #156 Felix Jose

Leaping to grab either an incoming fly ball or the Upper Deck logo. 

2001 Ultra #157 Aaron Sele

Some family fun at the ballpark, and extra points for the tiny, adorable Mariners socks. 

1984 Fleer #158 Roy Lee Jackson

Why merely stand for the anthem when you can sing it yourself? 

1991 Donruss #159 Greg Hibbard

Sox throwbacks are the only way '91 Donruss is getting into this frankenset. 

2015 Stadium Club #160 Elvis Andrus

One of many jaw-dropping photos from last year's stellar Stadium Club checklist. 

1992 Stadium Club #161 Chris Hoiles

I hope Mr. Hoiles didn't seriously injure that baserunner. 

2014 Topps #162 Josmil Pinto

We close with some postgame fun in Minnesota.

The polls are now on the sidebar.

Happy voting!


John Miller said...

the dirt on the TSC is awesome, but my favorite part is the Brave in the background.

gcrl said...

some good choices (i need to get one of the andrus cards for my tatooine collection) but i went with roy lee jackson.

Mark Kaz said...

I really, really, reeeeeeally wanna vote for anything from '91 Donruss, but Roy Lee at the mic has got to take home the gold. Morandini and a cloud of a dust is pretty amazing, by the way. Need the hunt for one of those for my HH set.

Bulldog said...

I like the Andrus and Morandini cards. Great post.