Monday, June 20, 2016

The dime box frankenset, Page 17: Numbers 145-153

Let's see how last week's voting played out.

Win -- 1991 Stadium Club #138 Eric Show (10 votes)

Place -- 1994 UD All-Time Heroes #137 Rennie Stennett (8 votes)

Show -- 2014 Topps Update #US-140 Nick Hundley (5 votes)

This is the first time in a while that I've agreed with the victor. Eric Show collected ten of the 29 total tallies to take the crown last week -- including mine -- narrowly edging out a two-vote win over the black-and-white Stennett double dip.

It seems like a lot of card collectors are avid music fans, so Show's victory shouldn't come as much of a surprise.

Nine new nominees await this week.

Let's meet them.

2001 Bowman Heritage #145 Jose Lima

Lima Time hits TV. 

1991 Upper Deck #146 Ozzie Canseco

The brothers Canseco. 

 1997 SP #147 Andy Benes

Pitcher at the plate!

1981 Fleer #148 Ellis Valentine

Proof that zooming out actually enhances the quality of our baseball cards. 

2001 Ultra #149 Todd Stottlemyre

Solid bunting form for a pitcher.

1993 Upper Deck #150 Orlando Merced

Leaping ballplayers, smiling women, fetal-positioned fans, and one seemingly unaffected kid make up this museum piece of a baseball card from '93 UD. 

1990 Upper Deck #151 Rick Honeycutt

The below-sea-level perspective of an autograph signing. 

1996 SP #152 Alan & Andy Benes 

Andy Benes makes his second appearance on this page, this time with brother Alan.

2014 Topps Update #US-153 Kurt Suzuki AS

This adorable card closes out an oddly family-themed frankenset page.

The polls are now on the sidebar.

Happy voting!


Brian said...

I wonder how far a person could get intentionally building a family set? All players either have a sibling, parent, or child on card - might have to stretch it to just be any player part of a baseball dynasty, like the Boones, Alomars, Alous, Ripkens, Griffeys, Bonds, Niekros etc etc....

sg488 said...

Gotta go with Merced,so much cool stuff going on.

Matthew Scott said...

The Merced is one of the better Pirate cards out there. It gets the win!

Mike said...

It's not a spectacular card,but....IT'S LIMA TIME!!!!!!