Monday, September 28, 2015

The dime box frankenset, Page 9: Numbers 73-81

Well, it looks like we have ourselves a tie.

Both Rudy Law and Alvin Morman finished last week's frankenset closely-matched voting with six tallies a piece. So, before we take a look at this week's page, I'd like to re-announce the tie-breaker rules, since we haven't had a deadlock in a while.

I ask the first three people who care to comment on this post to leave their choice between either Law or Morman. The card that receives two of those three tie-breaking votes will be last week's king. (I voted for law, though Morman was a close runner-up for me.)

I'll update this post once we have a winner.

EDIT -- We have a winner!

Win -- 1994 Upper Deck Minors #70 Alvin Morman (6 votes + tie-breaking vote)

Place -- 1984 Fleer #67 Rudy Law (6 votes)

Show -- 1996 Bowman #68 Kevin Appier (5 votes)

For now, let's dive into this week's batch of frankenset contestants.

As usual, we have nine new hopefuls at the ready.

1997 Stadium Club #73 Brian Hunter

A beautiful shot, but the question is: Did he make the catch? 

2011 Topps Update #US-74 Henry Blanco

A picturesque over-the-top PATP from 2011 Topps. 

2004 UD Diamond Collection #75 Sidney Ponson

Throwing it back to the days of the St. Louis Browns. 

2004 Upper Deck #76 Jay Gibbons

Two Browns throwbacks from different sets in consecutive numbers...what are the odds? 

1993 Topps #77 Junior Felix

One of the Immortal Trio from '93 Topps. 

2000 Upper Deck #78 Jim Parque

A crosstown American League pitcher at the plate. 

1995 Pinnacle #79 Charlie Hayes

The Masked Man of Colorado. 

1995 Topps Cyberstats #80 Brent Gates

Double dipping with some futuristic '90s technology. 

1993 Topps #81 Lloyd McClendon

They're waving him home!

That just about does it for this week's frankenset page. The polls are now on the sidebar, and don't forget to help break last week's tie.

Happy voting!


Josh D. said...

Morman takes it over Rudy.

Jeremya1um said...

I second the Morman.

Bo said...

Finally got a chance to be in the top 3, but it doesn't matter. Was going with Morman anyway!

Mark Kaz said...

Wow, what a group! Tough call, but I'm going with Lloyd. Mostly for fear of him uprooting a base and hurling it at my head.

John Miller said...

gotta go with hayes, actually have that one in my wacky files