Monday, September 7, 2015

The dime box frankenset, Page 6: Numbers 46-54

Let's take a look at how last week's frankenset page played out.

Win -- 1996 Score #38 Bip Roberts (10 votes)

Place (tie) -- 1995 Pinnacle #37 Tom Pagnozzi, 1973 Topps #45 Ellie Rodriguez (4 votes each)

Show (tie) -- 1971 Topps #40 Lee May, 2012 Topps Chrome #43 Desmond Jennings (3 votes each)

Voting took a significant dip last week for some reason, but Sombrero Bip still cruised to an easy victory. He collected ten of the 29 total votes and beat out two legendary '73 Topps nominees (not an easy task) to claim the crown.

I, too, voted for Sombrero Bip, because, could I not?

This week's frankenset page features a nice crop of nominees, and hopefully they can get those vote totals back to their normal pace.

Let's see what's in store.

1981 Fleer #46 John Wathan

Quite possibly the single greatest card from '81 Fleer. 

2012 Bowman Chrome #47 Andrelton Simmons

Turning two over Bryce Harper. 

1998 Fleer Tradition #48 Wilton Guerrero

The Brothers Guerrero are all smiles. 

1997 Upper Deck #49 Charles Nagy

Cardio day, bro. 

1993 Donruss #50 Bud Black

The former Padre manager sporting some throwback Giants duds from his playing days. 

1995 Stadium Club #51 Rex Hudler

I don't know. 

 1994 Score #52 Jose Rijo

The continuing saga of Jose Rijo and the squirt gun.

1996 Stadium Club #53 Jim Bullinger

A panoramic view of Wrigley from the rooftops. 

1998 Collector's Choice #54 Kevin Foster

We close with some spiffy 1906 Cubs throwbacks, as well as a bonus "pitcher at the plate" shot on the flip side.

The polls are now on the sidebar.

Happy voting!


Tony Burbs said...

Being a Cubs homer, I have to go with the Bullinger. That's just too fantastic of a shot. Plus, I'm willing to bet there are some Bullinger pitches that almost ended up where he's sitting

Jeff Jones said...

Wow all great shots and as much as I wanna pick the double over Bryce gotta go with Nagy.

Charles Nagy

John Miller said...

definitely an awesome group, lots of excellent choices, but those braces win it for me.

Adam said...

I always liked that Bud Black card but I have to go with the Jose Rijo on this, simply because it's a Reds card and one I always liked.

Big Tone said...

I'll go with Wathan this time.BTW- I can put that 07 Upper Deck Ichiro aside for you.I just peeped It on your side bar want list.

Marcus said...

Man, this is a great group. I'll probably go w/the Guerrero brothers, but it seems like a crime to not vote for Rijo. The Buddy Black card is a good one too.