Saturday, December 1, 2012

A barrel of fun


It's Mr. Bradley again.

I know what you're thinking right about now.

"Nick, if you hate Milton Bradley so much, why do you keep showing cards of his on your blog?"

This time, I have a good reason. I promise.

Although I might not want to admit it, I really, really like this particular card. It's one of my favorites from the 2009 OPC set.

Even though it features a player I absolutely despise, I still felt the need to track down the black-bordered parallel, the one I featured in last night's post.

Until this afternoon, I simply chalked it up to another case of "good photography".

After taking a good look at it for a while, though, a thought popped into my head.

"I wonder how many other of these 'bat barrel' cards are out there?"

I desperately wanted to find out. Soon enough, I plunged deep into the waters of my collection.

Within minutes, I had almost a dozen binders spread out across my room, hunting for more "bat barrel" specimens. Thankfully, my search netted quite a few.

After all was said and done, I couldn't believe how these could've passed me by all this time.

How the heck could I have missed it?

I'd never realized...










I think the "O-Dog" is the greatest of them all. Zimmerman is a close second.

The best part?

With the seemingly endless bounds of my baseball cards, I'm sure there's a lot more of these in my binders as we speak. More than that, I'm sure there's loads of them sitting in dime boxes right now, just waiting to be discovered.

In fact, I might have a new little "mini-collection" on my hands here. They'd fit in perfectly with all my other miscellaneous endeavors, like my "pitchers at the plate" or "sunset" groupings.

These are that cool.

And it's all thanks to Milton Bradley. He was my inspiration.


Did I really just say that?


Hackenbush said...

So I guess you're saying Milton Bradley "is" good for something. Who Knew?

Phil Bechtel said...

That Eddie Murray card is an absolute classic. I have a ton of those from when I was younger.

TTG said...

I feel about Orlando Hudson the way you do about Milton Bradley. One of my five least favorite players of all time, easily.

...I like Bradley, though. One of the few games I've seen at Petco Park was his first as a Padre.

night owl said...

These kind of cards are all over the 1970s. If you grew up collecting in the '70s, you'd expect to see a bunch of these every year. I can go through my 1974 set and probably find like 50 of them.

They kind of got away from that during the late '80s and '90s. But thanks to the retro craze (like OPC), it's come back.