Covering the Bases

In this theme, I'll attempt to rank anything and everything in the world of baseball and baseball cards.

Making lists has always been a little "quirk" of mine. I guess it was only a matter of time before I created a theme devoted to the topic.

I'll make it a mission to "cover the bases" as much as I can as this theme rolls along.

We might agree. We might not.

Either way, I hope you come along for the ride.

It should be a lot of fun.

Pt. 1: "Top Five Most Underrated Topps Sets"
Pt. 2: "Five Things I Missed The First Time in 2012"
Pt. 3: "Top Five Baseball Books"
Pt. 4: "The Progression of A&G"
Pt. 5: "Best of Upper Deck"
Pt. 6: "Top Ten Baseball Movies"
Pt. 7: "Top Five Non-Baseball A&G Subjects"
Pt. 8: "Top Five Plays at the Plate"
Pt. 9: "Top Ten from the Series 2 Hanger Box"
Pt. 10: "The Inaugurals"
Pt. 11: "The Five Worst Topps Sets"
Pt. 12: "Ranking Another Impulse Buy"
Pt. 13: "Top Ten from Scooter"
Pt. 14: "Top Five Topps Sets of the 1970's"
Pt. 15: "Top Five Manager Cards"
Pt. 16: "Top Five Retro Sets"
Pt. 17: "Top Ten Royals Cards"
Pt. 18: "Top Five Oddball Brands"

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