Saturday, December 10, 2016

Frankenset redux, Page 2: Numbers 10-18

One page into the new frankenset and we already have an unprecedented quandary on our hands.

Believe it or not, we finished with a four-way tie for first last week. The quartet of cards you see above each finished with five votes a piece. Nothing like this ever happened in the first frankenset. (I don't even think we ever even had a three-way tie in that one.)

What I'll ask my readers to do in order to break this deadline is to simply comment on your personal favorite between the four cards. The first card to receive three of these tie-breaking votes will be the champion, however many comments that may take.

I'll update this post once we have a winner.

Edit: We have a winner!

Win -- 1993 Stadium Club #5 Tony Phillips (5 votes + tie-breaking vote)

Place (tie) -- 1998 Team Best #3 Hiram Bocachica, 2016 Stadium Club #4 Kevin Kiermaier, 1994 Topps #6 Derrick May (5 votes each)

Show -- 2000 Ultra #9 Mickey Morandini (4 votes)

Once that tie is broken, go ahead and vote on this week's page of frankenset nominees.

Let's meet the newest nine.

1994 Collector's Choice #10 Butch Huskey

Butch Huskey, one of the all-time great baseball names, signing for the fans.

1987 Fleer Limited Edition #11 Glenn Davis

Ryno and Keith Hernandez cameos...on the same card? 

2000 Topps Gallery #12 Ray Lankford

A swift kick to Mike Scioscia's face. 

1991 Topps #13 Mariano Duncan

A double play card (with a cameo from The Wizard) that has always confused me for the sheer fact that both players are wearing similar red uniforms. 

2015 Topps Opening Day #14 Michael Taylor

A topsy-turvy, last-second lunge.

 1994 Topps #15 Jay Bell

Double dipping in San Diego.

2009 Bowman Draft #16 Brian Dozier

Baseball's newest 40-homer guy turning two on his rookie card. 

2016 Stadium Club #17 Raul Mondesi

Raul Mondesi -- the only player to ever make his MLB debut in a World Series -- with the spoils of his labor. 

2013 Topps Opening Day #18 Jemile Weeks

A page riddled with cameos closes with a guest appearance from Mr. Cespedes.

The polls are now on the sidebar, and don't forget to help break last week's tie!

Happy voting!


Captain Canuck said...

Tony Phillips for the win

Jordan said...

Tony Phillips

JediJeff said...

I assume that Walters is an Astro on the Jay Bell card. That's my guess on the uniform, at least. Anyway - the spacing on the numbers seems a little wide, doesn't it?

Mark Hoyle said...

Tony Phillips

Rob said...

A little TOny Phillips icing on top.

Anonymous said...

On the left-hand side of that Glenn Davis card is what looks to be another Met, with an 8 in his uniform number. #18 Darryl Strawberry? #8 Gary Carter? Both were all-stars in 1986, but as the mystery player seems to be a bit taller than Davis, and the 8 doesn't look centered on the jersey, I'm going with Strawberry.

Hunter Hoffmann said...

Ray Lankford

defgav said...

Re: Jedi Jeff's comment.. nope, that's the Padres Dan Walters #11. I actually collect him (first player I ever got an IP auto from) and now I need to track down that cameo.