Monday, November 28, 2016

Frankenset redux, Page 1: Numbers 1-9

It's official: the second Dime Box Frankenset is a go!

I admit, I had some qualms about doing this. I thought starting a second frankenset with the leftovers that didn't make the first binder would diminish the integrity of that first set, would somehow mean that first frankenset wasn't as special, would mean blah, blah, blah.

Fact is the initial frankenset concept seemed to be a pretty popular theme with my readers, and I had way too much fun the first time around to pass up an opportunity to do these weekly posts again.

I took whatever time I could this past week to start selecting cards for the second frankenset, and although I'm not quite done with the process yet (about 200 more cards to pick) the first page is fresh and ready to go. (Also, if anyone happens to have any spare 9-pocket pages available, I'd be interested in acquiring them because this latest Dime Box Frankenset is still being housed in a box, and that's no way to treat cards you love.)

So here we go: let's take a look at the first nine nominees in the second Dime Box Frankenset.

1991 Line Drive #1 Billy Bean

The frankenset kicks off with Billy Bean, the only living openly gay player to have played in the big leagues, and MLB's current Ambassador for Inclusion.

2015 Bowman Chrome #2 Michael Brantley

Throwing it back to the days of the Negro League's Cleveland Buckeyes. 

1998 Team Best #3 Hiram Bocachica

Minor league throwbacks are a rare sight in the hobby, and besides, I can't let a name like Hiram Bocachica go unrecognized in this frankenset. 

2016 Stadium Club #4 Kevin Kiermaier

One of Kiermaier's many great grabs forever immortalized on cardboard. 

1993 Stadium Club #5 Tony Phillips

The rare double dip/throwback combo. 

1994 Topps #6 Derrick May

The only horizontal of the frankenset's debut page features serenity by the bat rack. 

1992 Upper Deck #7 Roberto Hernandez

As much as I love interview cards, I wish card companies would zoom out a bit to show both the interviewer and the interviewee (instead of a disembodied hand with a microphone). 

1991 Leaf #8 Dave Martinez

A valid effort, but no catch for Dave Martinez: the Cubs' current bench coach.

2000 Ultra #9 Mickey Morandini

The first page of the frankenset closes with yet another Wrigley shot, this time of the double dip variety.

As usual, the polls are now on the sidebar, so let's determine the first champion of the second Dime Box Frankenset!

Happy voting!


Rob said...

In honor of the recently departed, had to vote Phillips...

Robert said...

I've been a bit nostalgic lately for the powder blue Expos uniforms, so Dave Martinez it is...

Brian said...

Had to go with the bat rack, happy to see a new Frankenset!

Ana Lu said...

Martinez because he's one with that wall

Adam Kaningher said...

Morandini for Rockies cameo.

Stack22 said...

Albuquerque Dukes cards will always get my vote.

Hunter Hoffmann said...

Dave Martinez