Sunday, November 24, 2013

The dime box frankenset, Page 11: Numbers 91-99

Hello and happy Sunday, my friends.

I'm still reeling from a terrific day at the card show last afternoon. We'll get to those finds soon enough, but I'd like to dip back into my franksenset for today's post.

After (again) ignoring this little series around here for the last couple weeks, we'll be looking at yet another completed page in this most recent batch of frankenset nominees. 

These are the last of the double-digit numbers. 

Starting with the next post, we'll be into the triple digits.

Completion status: 9/9...completed page!

Numbers needed: None.

The card: 1995 Upper Deck Minors #91 Roger Bailey

Why it made the cut...

This is one of the few cards I own that literally made me laugh out loud when I first saw it.

Heck, the back might even be funnier than the front.

The card: 1994 Stadium Club #92 Chris Turner

Why it made the cut...

This is a card that has been on the verge of frankenset elimination a few times already.

Chris Turner, however, has been able to nudge out the competition each and every time. There's just something about this card that speaks to me.

It might just be a permanent frankenset inductee.

The card: 1997 Upper Deck #93 Ismael Valdes

Why it made the cut...

It's picture day at Dodger Stadium!

And, thanks to Upper Deck and their photo-hoarding, all the fans in the background managed to get a nice shot of Ismael Valdes's backside.

The card: 1995 Topps #94 Carlos Hernandez

Why it made the cut...

Carlos Hernandez sure seemed to receive quite a few cool cards over the course of his career.

It's why the obscure backstop is a hallowed "Legend of Cardboard" these days. Of all the ones I own (which isn't many), this is probably my favorite card of Mr. Hernandez.

It has to be one of the best pieces ever granted to a backup catcher, no doubt.

The card: 1997 Pinnacle #95 Delino DeShields

Why it made the cut...

Capping off a streak of three consecutive Dodgers in this frankenset page, Mr. DeShields is featured here on a tremendous "double dip" shot.

As great as the photo is, though, I'll never like 1997 Pinnacle.


The card: 1993 Stadium Club #96 Joe Oliver

Why it made the cut...

Play at the plate!

Joe Oliver sure seems like someone who could later pop up as a "Legend of Cardboard" nominee.

This won't be the last of him you'll see in this frankenset.

The card: 1973 Topps #97 Willie Montanez

Why it made the cut...

To me, 1973 Topps is the perfect mix of quirkiness, intrigue, and flat-out great cardboard.

It's just so unlike all the other posed photo-centric sets of the 1970's. Sure, the set has your standard look-at-the-camera shots, but quite a few make you think.

This Montanez is one of those. The former Phillie is almost like an afterthought in this shot, barely noticeable on the left-hand side. 

Such oddities like these are what make '73 Topps so awesome.

The card: 1994 Upper Deck #98 Kent Hrbek

Why it made the cut...

Who could Kent Hrbek possibly be talking to in full uniform like that?

These are the questions that keep me up at night.

The card: 1993 Upper Deck #99 Mark Portugal

Why it made the cut...

Sweet shades.


Autograph shot.

All these factors combine to make one hilarious baseball card. Mr. Portugal has been in this frankenset since day one.

I don't see him leaving anytime soon.


Jeff said...

If Turner ever does get nudged from the set, I can find something to trade for that I'm sure (if it would even be available then). I actually remember him being an Angel. And of course, it features the best Angel logo.

petethan said...

Applause for the Dodger-centricity of this Frankenset page. Always elevates the game.

Ana Lu said...

Loved that Mark Portugal card! Must add it to my wantlist.

Your frankenset is quite huge by now! Cannot wait to see what you got from the card show.