Friday, February 22, 2013

Dime Box Heroes: Use your manners

2004 UD Timeless Teams #198 Steve Yeager

When you get down to it, card shows are probably the greatest aspect of this hobby.

They manage to accomodate nearly every type of collector around. Whether you're a dime box scavenger like myself or an uber-high end rookie autograph person, I'll bet that almost every card show has something with your name on it.

The general feeling of spending an afternoon at a show simply cannot be matched. It's a unique experience, one that is nearly impossible to put into words. When I do write card show posts around here, words like "awesome" and "fantastic" work a good deal of overtime.

In fact, I'd say that 99 percent of my card show travels over the years have been nothing short of positive and thrilling.

That other one percent, however, has a tendency to stick with a person. 

Myself included.

While few and far between, there are downsides to card shows. Nothing that could come close to ruining the whole experience, mind you, but just a few general "pet peeves" that seem to pop up here and there.

One of the bigger irks has to do with the basic "manners" (or lack of) at many of the shows I've attended in the past.

Now, I could probably fill up an entire other post with more of those little rules that most show attendees should follow. Now that I think of it, a post like that might be a good idea for the future...

But, for now, we'll focus on likely the biggest card show "manner" of them all.

This manner that does indeed have to do with dime boxes. Or any discount boxes, for that matter.

I eat up large chunks of time with nearly every big dime box dig. Just ask my dad.

It's simply the kind of collector I am. I have to look through every single card in any given dime box. I can't bear to think what type of "gems" I'd be leaving behind if I didn't.

Now, if I'm the only customer at a table, I'll just walk right up and start digging. Many times, though, I'll see another fellow dime bin crusader walk up to that given table, itching to get a piece of the discount action.

It happened a few times during my hour-long binge into the "best dime box ever". It was the one that netted me this particular "Dime Box Hero", a timeless card of fan favorite and throat-guard innovator Steve Yeager.

That's when those "manners" really kick into gear.

Being the card show "vet" that I am, I know what to do in the situation.

I move out of the way. I give the guy or gal room to start their own dime box dig. Every dime box I've seen has at least enough room for two customers. Three, in most cases.

It's just the right thing to do. 

Still, try telling that to a few not-so-accomodating customers I've seen in the past.

Every now and again, I'll come across someone who simply parks themselves smack dab in the middle of prime dime box territory, leaving absolutely no room for anyone else to squeeze in. 

Even worse, these types of customers almost never even acknowledge anyone else who walks up to the table. They just sit there. Without even making the slightest effort to get out of the way.

But, believe me, they know you're there. They flat out don't want to make any room.

I cannot begin to tell you how irritating these types of people are. Anyone who has encountered one in the past probably feels the same as I do.

Unfortunately, I've seen it happen quite a few times. Luckily, though, these "parkers" have become fewer in number at the last few shows I've attended. 

But they're still around.

I made a promise to myself long, long ago that if I ever became one of those jaded souls who feel the need to refuse enjoyment to other potential dime box scavengers, I'd drop the hobby all together.

In the end, though, that's pretty much irrelevant. I know I'll never act like that at a card show. 

And, if I love shows so much, why would I deny another fellow collector their share of the enjoyment?

It's common sense.

All I have to do is use my manners.

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